Unification News for September 2002

PA Family Camp 2002

by Sally Sayre

The number "eight" means "new beginning." In the eighth month of 2002, we finished our eighth year of Pennsylvania family camps. As usual, this year came with new challenges and new blessings. Rob Sayre has been the on-site director of camp for the past several years (since inheriting the mission after Sally’s start-up efforts). This year we made plans for there to be different directors for each week of camp in order to share both the burdens and the blessings. Three extraordinary dads, all with full-time jobs, came forward to take on this responsibility. The three directors were Geoffrey Hinkle, Bruce Bonini, and Robert Pickell. All three camps were great successes, and all three directors contributed uniquely to the joyful experiences of family camp.

French Creek State Park was also a new venue to us, and we have never had a camp so early in the summer before. Getting equipment and people in place for a June camp was a real challenge. Utilizing this new location so near to Philadelphia and closer to D.C. was one of the ways we were blessed.

New blessings also came to us through the wonderful people who came to camp this year for the first time. Among them were some real "stars" from the cast of characters in our movement. We had Dan Fefferman singing and leading his own songs at French Creek. Gerry Servito taught Unification Thought the 2nd week at Shehaqua to rave reviews from the 2nd generation who heard UT for the first time. Howard Self shared his knowledge of the Principle with our Suns (5th and 6th graders) and their teachers. We also were blessed with having a 2nd generation blessed couple at camp for the first time. Naokimi and Shukuko Ushiroda were a special blessing to our older teens who are looking forward to experiences on STF, CARP, or the matching itself.

I personally was thrilled to meet all the new families who came together to share their talents and energies. We are part of a truly awesome extended family and I renew my faith in True Parents every year through meeting such remarkable brothers and sisters. I also love growing closer to those we see year after year and watching their families grow.

Another new effort this year was welcoming and teaching guests on special Bring a Friend to Camp days. Our local PA families had the opportunity at Shehaqua to invite a friend to camp for a day (or two) to share in the fun and to learn about our beliefs. We hosted five guests (including 2 young children). One guest was a grandmother, another a mom, and another a high school friend of my daughter -- three generations of women! All enjoyed their taste of camp and Abby’s friend wants to come for the whole week next year. Another new addition to the program at Shehaqua was a Family Challenge in place of our usual square dance night. This was a series of games and races that families competed in as a family. It was a real hit and provided entertainment for those on the sidelines as well as the participants!

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