Unification News for September 2002


Jinjoo Byrne

There she lays
One with the earth
Thinking dreaming smiling
Her soul is bright

The sun
Inevitably shines upon her
so warm so precious so embracing
The sun flows in her soul

There she lays
One with the stars
Has she fallen asleep?
She has...how tranquil...how serene

For so long love was not felt
not deep
Where had it gone
for so long?

Found Found
She had hope
Hope that now she
could infinitely and
Unconditionally love

Her soul could now shine
like the shimmering stars
feeling the deepness
feeling the complete divinity

So passionate
So pure
How it swelled
Swelling of love and happiness

Wholly devoted
Where is her love?
come come come
She wants to place a sweet kiss
On her true love's soul

She does not see him
She must wait
Oh, how her heart aches
To see her true love

What they will have
Will be greater
Than anything that
She could ever imagine

There she will lay
One with the earth
One with the stars
One with the sun

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