Unification News for September 2002

My Journey In Life

"My Journey In Life is a unique event in the field of teaching theory and school practice. The textbook absolutely deserves the highest commendation. This publication of the International Educational Foundation is an altruistic effort directed at supporting humanitarianism by promoting universal values among youth."

Olga R. Archegova, Robert M. Ganiev

Assistant Professors of Education, Vladikavkaz State University, Russia

"This book is extremely important. In its reflections about the value of family and its role in the life of a person and in society, this edition is unique. The authors conduct a conversation with the student, engaging him on various themes in a way that encourages the student to think. By offering guidance in family relationships through the skillful use of author-student dialogue, My Journey in Life teaches us the ABCs of family life."

A.I. Antonov, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Department of Family Health & Social Policy

Moscow State University

"I have become more tolerant. There are fewer conflicts in my family."

"It reconciled me with my father."

"I could see that I can change. I thought I was hopeless and deprived of any capability."

Students from St. Petersburg

"…the ability to determine your place in life, in society; the ability to choose values necessary to reach your goals, to learn to handle your emotions, to overcome temptations, and, most important, to achieve peace and harmony in your heart. This course helped me to deal with these questions more than any other."

A 10th grade student, Moscow

"The most valuable idea, which permeates the whole book, is the idea of chastity. It is a message that our young people, bombarded as they are from all sides by the media and society that chastity is no longer a value, need to hear now more than ever."

A group of parents from St. Petersburg

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