Unification News for September 2002

The Blessing Ceremony in Chicago!

For the very first time in Chicago Region's history, the 3rd phase of this year's Blessing was combined with the 7th Annual Jericho Walk Spirit Fest 2002. This Jericho Walk Event has been held annually through the great vision of Bishop Connie Crawford Bansa which aims to tear down the walls of war, racism, ideology, faith and culture.

The Interreligious and International Couples Blessing and Rededication Ceremony and Jericho Walk was simultaneously held at St. Andrew Baptist Church with 500 participants mostly coming from the Nation of Islam, Baptists, Moslem and other Christian denominations. At ten o'clock in the morning, couples, guests and participants of the Jericho Walk gathered to witness the Blessing Ceremony which was officiated by the couples of Bishop and Mrs. Ki Hoon Kim and Dr. and Bishop Emmanuel and Connie Bansa. We were so blessed to have Bishop Samuel Mann, Minister Thomas Muhammad, Rev. Charles Benton and Imam Askia to offer the Prayer of the Religious Leaders. Minister Torrey Barrett and wife also came to greet the couples and strongly testified that couples blessed by the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon were 93% successful.

Participants got more and more excited as they listened to the vocal and group musical presentations. Then the solemn Blessing Ceremony was conducted. This was followed by the drawing of the door prizes, the echoing three cheers of mansei and a picture perfect of the newly blessed couples was taken.

Pastor Ricky Neal of Wisconsin received the blessing together with his fiancee. He told us that he really wanted to receive the blessing first before they could have their wedding ceremony. The whole family of Pastor Morris Lockett from Champaigne, including their grandchildren came and all of them received the blessing. And Bishop William Glispie, guest pastor of the Rwanda missionaries was so inspired when he heard about the blessing during the ACLC meeting. The Bishop's couple now have just received the blessing and next Sunday, he will be conducting a blessing in his church. These are just some of the incredible and amazing work of the spirit world in bringing people to the blessing.

But that wasn't it. Proud, happy and newly blessed couples came out to the streets of Marquette Road and walked hand in hand with the Jericho Walk participants. Drum and trumpet sounds were heard, cheers and songs of praise were offered and prayers were recited as we walked through seven blocks surrounding the Englewood community.

At around 1:00 PM, the Jericho Walk program began and was participated by distinguished political and religious leaders and speakers like the Alderman Ted Thomas, Bishop Melvin Crawford, Bishop Danny Hins, Mrs. Kathleen Sometani and the founder herself, Bishop Connie Bansa who also paid an indemnity for the victory of these combined events, that despite of her sprained left leg, she marched with us in crutches without having even a single iota of giving up spirit. According to her testimony, she moved on and marched forward because she would always remember the expectation of True Father from her through Jericho Walk which is a key to peace and unity of this nation and the world.

We sincerely want to thank the leadership of Bishop and Mrs. Ki Hoon Kim, the unity of all tribal messiahs in Chicago and Wisconsin as well as the continuing dedication of the Japanese and other missionaries, which made these combined events full of success.

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