Unification News for September 2002

The Blessing Ceremony in Hawaii

by BillieAnn Sabo

On September 14, 2002 the Inter-religious and International Youth & Clergy Couples Blessing and Rededication Ceremony was held at "Liu's Chop Suey" restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii on September 14, 2002. 119 people gathered to there, 56 people-26 couples received blessing, includes 17 newly blessed couples (2 couples were spirit world blessing) and. 43 people came as audience, and 36 members worked hard as staffs.

The Ceremony was held in Hawaii, using the skills to record the ceremony that was going on in New York Manhattan Center through Web Casting. One more blessing ceremony was held at Kona Church, Hawaii Island. It started at 2:30 p.m., 2 newly blessed couples were gathered and 14 staffs worked for the event.

At 10 a.m., the Registration started. In the reception table Holy Shawls were handed out to all participants, which were going to use on the blessing of September 2001. Before the opening of the ceremony, each choirs gathered from churches did rehearsal and the participants was excited by their performance.

The program of 1st stage started at 10:15a.m. Rev. Sadrian Chee from Ohana, Family of the Living God Ministry acted as master of ceremony. FFWPU Japanese missionary choir sang a song named "Welcome to the Family" as an opening song with the music played by Rev. Sadrian Chee and Sister Clarita from Waipahu Full Gospel

Church, it made participants exciting. Then MC did welcome remarks, and all participants stud up and sang National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" together. After that, Rev. George P. F. Chee from Ohana, Family of the Living God Ministry gave invocation with some short message, who is the vice president of ACLC Hawaii Chapter. Next program was video presentation with the VTR of "The Blessing of Peace", and the video explained that it passed 1 year from the terrible event on September 11, 2001, and the Inter-religious and International Marriage Blessing is the way to heal the nation, bring the world to the true world peace not only America, because it overcomes every conflict among the races, religions and nations. After the impressive VTR, Rev.

Hiroshi Matsuazaki, Chairman of the ACLC Hawaii Chapter, showed up and made a speech. He explained that it is how important to complete true love quoting words from the Bible. And giving the historical instance which symbolized September 11th event, he explained that after the first human being failed, we have been having conflicts, but Jesus ask True Parents to accomplish his mission which he could not do, and they are pushing forward with the Blessing to make real world peace which overcome conflicts among races, denominations and nations. Participants listened to his speech attentively making quick response saying "Amen!" to his questions.

And then, Holy Wine Ceremony was held. Firstly, married couples pledged the True Family Commitments and after that singles pledged the Pure Love Pledge, and all participants had Holy Wine Ceremony. Officiators were Rev. and Mrs. Shang Chih Hu, Rev. and Mrs. James Mitchell, Rev. Hiroshi Matsuzaki, and Rev. and Mrs. George Chee. All participated couples and singles were received Holy Wine in this solemn Ceremony. After this Ceremony, Waipahu Samoan Assembly of God Choir sang cerebration songs and it made people so exciting.

In the 2nd stage program, it was preceded with a VTR that recorded the Ceremony held in New York this morning though Web Casting. Rev. James Mitchell, vice president of ACLC Hawaii Chapter and Pastor of FFWPU Hawaii, acted as master of ceremony in this part. When the entrance of Officiators, big hands were given to True Parents also here in Hawaii, to welcome True Parents. Officiators in Hawaii, they sprinkled holy water to all participants when True Parents had Holy Water Ceremony. In the time of Affirmation of Vows, participants pledged "Yes!" with strong voice. And they received the invocation of the blessing attentively, even though True Parents prayed in Korean so almost all participants couldn't understand what True Parents saying. After the invocation, all participants gathered to center of the shop and took group photo for the memory. And then, Chinese Lunch served to each table, people enjoyed grate and delicious lunch listening entertainment by Japanese Missionary Choir, Waipahu Samoan Assembly of God Choir, and Sis. Clarita Nuesca. In the entertainment, some participants began dancing in front of everyone because of so much joy they felt. The blessing Ceremony was filled with Holy Spirits and it was finished with wonderful victory.

One of the participants told her reflection to us, that was a first time for her to participated to the event of ACLC, but it was so grateful. She had grate time with her husband. So she would like to attend another meeting in the future. And one of the choir members from Waipahu Samoan AOG told us they couldn't say anything except one word "yes", when missionaries asked them to sing some songs in this event, because Japanese Missionaries always come to his church even though he doesn't come. Also father of Konishiki (Konishiki is the very famous Sumo prayer, came to this event with his wife's picture. His wife passed away just few months ago. He became very happy to come.

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