Unification News for September 2002

Columbus, OH Ministers' Prayer Breakfast

by Rev. Dr. John K. Mwamba

On Saturday, August 24, 2002 we had a Monthly Ministers' Prayer Breakfast Meeting here in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Family Church from 10 am to 1 pm.

A dozen of ministers were in attendance. The ACLC statement of purpose were read by Bishop John-Cassian Lewis, an Orthodox Priest of the St. Sophia Orthodox Cathedral. The priest ended up explaining each point of the nine objectives enthusiastically and positively, but of course went beyond the time limit. It was worthwhile for him to express his understanding and his involvement with ACLC. He said that the point on dissolving racial barriers by practicing the principle of loving one's enemies was vital to him and then was demonstrated in our relationships with other ministers from different denominations, cultures and races.

Dr. Mwamba was the Emcee and Rev. Anthony Flores was the keynote speaker. Rev. Flores is the National Co-Chairman of American Family Coalition and the Vice-President of the American Leadership Conference. Due to some serious issues in the State of Ohio concerning the same-sex marriages, there is a bill with the Legislative Service Commission that declares that same-sex marriages entered into in another jurisdiction have no legal force or effect in Ohio, Rev. Flores launched an invitation to ministers to stand up in his presentation entitled: "The Role of Marriage in Society and contributions that Religious Leaders must make". The ministers felt the need to stand up against the principalities of this evil world and this can be done only through our unity as clergy.

Rev. Sam Adeyemi, Pastor of the Overcomers' Christian Center made comments to say that ministers have not been strong when concerning marriage and family. There is need of revival. He called everyone to pray and exhort one another to be strong and stand up for what is right. He believes strongly in the Principles of Marriage and Family. He has been very active in our ACLC activities. He's the first to organize a beautiful Marriage Blessing and Rededication Ceremony in his Church with over 100 couples.

Dr. Viola Newton, a professor at the Ohio State University observed positively that we always preach to the choir. Therefore, we should plan to target the audience that needs to hear a specific message and follow up to see the impact, meaning the change that we all expect. She said that we need to reach out more to ministers or people in need of salvation and not saved ones or those who are already informed.

We invited all the ministers to attend the Blessing in September with 12 couples or more from their respective Churches. We announced the Blessing to be officiated by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, the founders of ACLC and other clergy as well.

We are encouraged with the package of the Clouds of Witnesses and especially with the clarification of terminology to proclaim True Parents with the massive distribution of the Clouds of Witnesses. Yes, it is time to blow the trumpet NOW!

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