Unification News for September 2002

RYS to Work in the War-Torn Area of Sri Lanka

The Religious Youth Service-Sri Lanka chapter in association with the International Relief and Friendship Foundation (IRFF), is organizing a regional project in a war-torn area called Maravankulum in the district of Vauniya. It will be a 6-day project starting on 1st November 2002 and involves building 2-3 culverts in this village.

Maravankulum is a re-settlement village in Vauniya. It has got about 300 Tamil refugee families who have moved from the Central Province in 1983 in the first phase of the civil war. Now, they have got shelter but no water for cultivation most of the time in the year and they lead a very hard and hand-to-mouth living, having very meager facilities.

Organizers intend bringing about 15-20 youth from the South to the North for this project aimed at national integration and expect 20-25 youth from the North. Also, a few participants are expected from other countries in the region. National Youth Services Council (NYSC) has come forward help organize the project together with Sri Lanka and United Nations Friendship Organization (SUNFO).

For more information and applications please contact:

Ravi Galhena, Project Coordinator - Sri Lanka at: ravig@itmin.com (Ravindra Galhena).

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