Unification News for September 2002

Second Generation Virtuoso

by Brian Goldstein

This is introducing Samsun, son of Richard and Keiko Vanloon, 17 yrs, a 2nd gen, BC, and a student of music, and who gave two recitals this June -- I attended at the one at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Samsun, though still a student, is a proficient and technically accomplished cellist. Beginning the program with Beethoven, the Sonata in D, we hear the sublime depths brought to life once again through the union of composer and musician.

With the Debussy, Sonata in D, we have a surprise, not the dulcet tones of impressionism that we often hear but a piece of symbolist, almost modernist, configurations that included, bows, scrapes and plucks.

Finally, the Russian, Shostakovitch, a true modernist full of sound and fury and signifying, not very much in the way of peace love and harmony.

For encores, the boys played a bunch of blue grass and some romping jazz. The BCs in the audience were ecstatic and the rest of us felt that an enjoyable and professional evening had been had by all!

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