Unification News for September 2002

True Mother's 12-City North American Speaking Tour Schedule

Mon, Sep 16th

Washington, DC

Tue, Sep 17th

Bridgeport, CT

Wed, Sep 18th

Boston, MA

Thu, Sep 19th

IIFWP Conference, NY

Fri, Sep 20th

IIFWP Conference, NY

Sat, Sep 21st

IIFWP Conference, NY

Sun, Sep 22nd

Atlanta, GA

Mon, Sep 23rd

Miami, FL

Tue, Sep 24th

Chicago, IL

Wed, Sep 25th

Seattle, WA

Thu, Sep 26th

San Francisco, CA

Fri, Sep 27th

Los Angeles, CA

Sat, Sep 28th

Denver, CO

Sun, Sep 29th

Newark, NJ

Mon, Sep 30th

Manhattan, NY

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