Unification News for September 2002

Philippines: SFP starts in Mindanao

by Melchor S. Castro

The launching of Service for Peace in Mindanao, Philippines, was held in Butuan City, attended by 227 delegates composed of university and college students fro m different regions. The host city prepared two days of activities including a welcome banquet and SFP Education. Service projects were held in three venues and included dumpsite cleaning, orphanage visitation and working with the City Social Welfare and Development Lingap Center.

The Service Project was held at three simultaneous sites after the motorcade that tour around the downtown area. The first was in dumpsite area where delegates from different regions helped and worked together in segregating recycled garbage and washed it to be useful and salable.

The second area was in City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) or Lingap Center. The center cares for abused, abandoned, maltreated and raped children aged 12 years old and below. The delegates helped out by cleaning the surroundings, planting trees around and washing their clothes as well singing educational songs with them. They did much the same in the House for the Girls for young adults and teenagers . The delegates became more aware of their environment and learned to help less fortunate people.

During the welcome banquet, Lorden G. Vismanos, City Administrator, welcomed the delegates by reading the message of the City Mayor, Hon. Maria Leonides Theresa Plaza. Mr. Joshua Josol, Asst. Executive-Director for Mindanao expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the delegates for attending this very historic event, especially those who had come from far places like Davao, Digos, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Toshiaki Iwata, W-CARP Consultant for Asia. Mr. Iwata explained more about the concept of Service for Peace and its goals and objectives. He emphasized the culture of our society must be changed into the ideal by living for the sake of others, taking ownership and teamwork. ‘World peace cannot be established by money, politics, power or knowledge’ he said ‘but through us by practicing true love and living for the sake of others.’

A brotherhood and sisterhood ceremony was held between different regions and faiths, exchanging tokens and the dandelion symbol of Service for Peace. A sumptuous dinner and entertainment followed after the speeches that brought a livelier atmosphere in the banquet.

Mr. Joshua Josol, Asst. Executive Director for Mindanao, introduced the W-CARP Theory of Education to the participants, since most of them were very new. They were so inspired when they learned about W-CARP education that emphasizes becoming ideal persons and responsible citizens for the nation and for the world.

Mr. Michael Zablan, the President of W-CARP Philippines arrived directly from Bohol and Cagayan de Oro City. He brought with him the message of Hyun Jin Nim that he wants all members to become leaders by learning and practicing the concept of Service for Peace.

At the closing program, everybody determined to spread what they had learned like a dandelions ready to sprout to a new land and multiply. Some already prepared themselves to be present for the next seminar which will be held in General Santos City next month.

Everyone is waiting for the arrival of Hyun Jin Nim in early August for the World CARP Tour and Convention in Manila!

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