Unification News for September 2002

Byelorussia: Korean STF Makes An Impact

by Ra In Gil

Korean STF members are creating a quiet sensation in Byelorussia. We are students who took a year off from our studies in 2002 and are now working full time for CARP.

Our service activities here run from dawn till dusk, and all the people who see them have said that they are deeply moved and inspired. One university president encouraged his students to participate with our activities and even counted those projects as classes.

On another occasion, five students from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies participated in an event for international harmony and cultural exchange for war veterans. One of our team was asked on the spot to perform a ballet dance and did extremely well.

His Excellency Stansilav Shushkevich, the former president of Byelorussia and his wife paid a welcome visit to the Morning House where our Korean STF team members were residing and awarded the students with certificates of completion of our service activities in Byelorussia. He expressed gratitude for our service activities and looked forward to further exchanges between the two countries.

We were certainly grateful to have such an illustrious visitor as Stansilav Shushkevich who is regarded as one of three people.together with Boris Yeltsin of Russia and Pres. Kurachov of the Ukraine who made a decisive contribution in the breakdown of former Soviet Union. A few years ago, Mr. Shushkevich became one of the founding members of the Ambassadors of Peace.

The Korean STF or Hunsoo-seng first began in 1992, the second class was held in 1996, the third in 1997 and the fourth in 2002 to establish a tradition of service for the world and nations. This is our most ambitious program to date.

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