Unification News for September 2002

SFP Philippines

The sixth of August marked the historical day of Hyun Jin Moon’s visit to the Philippines. On this day a total of twenty two thousand students, teachers and some notable government officials flocked the Araneta Coliseum for the second Service for Peace Convention, which was co-sponsored by W-CARP Philippines and P-TARP with the theme "Recreating the Philippines".

As early as four o'clock in the afternoon, a new breed of peacemakers lined up at the three main gates of the big dome. For the pre-event, which was hosted by Mr. Edmon Pacson, there was an awarding for a peace poster-making contest, which was also followed by entertainment -- the Philippine-Tong Il Moo Do group, the Aegis band and PUP's Pangkat Kawayan.

The main program opened with a invocation represented by Muslim and Christian leaders, followed by the singing of national anthem. Dr. Felipe Cachola, P-TARP National President, welcomed everyone with a testimony on True Father's great efforts and undertakings for world peace Ms. Pinky Marquez offered a song "Let there be peace on earth" followed by the entrance of the flags of the participating universities and schools nationwide. Mr. Cesar Orquillas, Chairman SFP-Phils, delivered a dynamic message of courage and hope for every participant - that if we will just work together and support each other, a world of peace is within our reach. An audiovisual presentation of SFP in the Philippines supported his message with powerful impact. It showed the very core values of SFP, namely, that we are one family, we are in essence spiritual beings, and that only selfless service fosters personal growth and peaceful individuals, families and communities.

Hon. Jose de Venecia, Jr. offered his full support for the SFP and the entire Unification Movement. For him, True Parents' effort of bringing about world peace is something that we should be thankful for. Because of them, we have this movement, which seeks to bring a new culture of heart; that is living for the sake of others. In line with his support, he will propose a resolution in the congress for the declaration day of Service for Peace in the Philippines.

The speaker's address was followed by Hon. Hyun Jin Moon's main message introduced by Mr. Michael Zablan, president, W-CARP Philippines. Motivated very dynamic and vibrant audience, Hyun Jin Moon, really challenged everyone to take upon their shoulders, the role of being owners of SFP. He once again explained that the core values of SFP do not come from nowhere but from the innermost source of our lives, our heart. We have to start the change within us and spread the seeds of dandelion to our families, communities, societies, nation and eventually the world.

After his speech, a resounding response and standing ovation was given in his honor. Even the hosts for the event came to realize their role as entertainers in offering service for others. Hyun Jin Moon's conviction and commitment lead him to start the vision of Service for Peace to find hope for the future, and he believes that we will also do our part, as not just as participants of the convention but also as owners of the vision of SFP.

In gratitude and appreciation for his enormous efforts for world peace, he received different citations and awards from the different award giving bodies in the country.

Some of the country's popular singers led the opening of the concert such as, Jaya, Kyla, Aiza Sequirra, Bojo Molina, Pinky Marquez. The highlight of entertainment portion came when Hyun Jin Moon, showed his excellent prowess in singing and dancing which demonstrated his ability as a new world leader for world peace.

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