Unification News for September 2002

Preparing for a Summer of Service

by Tiffanie Moran

June 30 was approaching, and it was the DC church’s youth ministry’s responsibility to host the central service at the DC Church. I had participated in one other youth devotion service offering a testimonial, but had never helped to organize one. Nothing out of the ordinary was pre-planned for the upcoming service but we had an inspiration to make this service like no other that had taken place before. The organization committee got off to a rather slow start, planning and gathering people to participate, but as the week progressed, things began to fall into place.

At the DC Church and CARP Center, already members had made a strong foundation for Service For Peace and the Summer of Service programs in preparation for the upcoming rally. We wanted to work with them to creating a church service dedicated to helping promote the Summer of Service program here in the metropolitan area. So we got together with CARP members, brainstormed and planned an agenda. We then got the exciting, yet shocking information that this particular youth devotion service was going to be the kickoff for the Summer of Service workshop being held here in DC, with 150 plus youth volunteers. We could all see the significance of this specific service. This was going to be a time when ACLC, CARP, and the church could all come together and unite under the idea of Service for Peace. We wanted to see True Parent's vision come to reality to see all of these different groups and organizations heading in one direction. To see the first generation, guided by Rev. Michael Jenkins, and the second generation, guided by Rev. Joshua Cotter and InSoo Kim come together.

In the morning of the service the church was surrounded with youth from all along the east coast. When the service began the whole front of the sanctuary was filled with Second Generation, all wearing their blue Service for Peace T-shirts. The sermon was introduced with musical entertainment and Rev Michael Jenkins, who spoke on the special time in which we are living and the amazing breakthroughs that are happening as the Second Generation are stepping up to the plate.

The shining moment was when Rev. Torrey Barret spoke and the whole room was filled with his spirit. He shared the testimony of his life and you could feel that he was the bridge between the first and Second Generations. With everyone so full of energy and life, the service flowed with amazing smoothness. You could see all of the straight heads of the youth who were diligently focusing on the performances and the amazing testimony by Minister Torrey Barrett. As the service was coming to an end you could feel a great strength rising up in the crowd. All I can say is that I could ask for nothing more to kickoff this incredible summer and unite this group of individuals that are soon to take over our Nations Capital.

Check the Service for Peace website (www.serviceforpeace.org) for information about the Summer of Service projects.

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