Unification News for September 2002

Malaysia Pure Love True Family Conference

The 33rd Pure Love True Family Conference was attended by 800 students from all over Malaysia.  It was organized on 16 June, 2002 in Johor state.  On the following week the 34th conference was held in Penang state on 23 June 2002.  It was attended by 100 adults and 300 students.

Response was good with large number of participants signing up as volunteers.  These volunteers carried out various tasks like choir performance, recruiting more participants, general ushering and VIP ushering.

It was a good exposure for the young people who were also very encouraged by the whole event.  Many of the volunteers had joined a gathering last week which was a follow-up event of the conference.  They will be coming again for future activities which are being planned.  A total number of 7 VVIP attended the event and there were about 13 other invited guests and speakers who graced the conferences. 

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