Unification News for September 2002

DP Minister Workshop Held in Los Angeles

by BillieAnn Sabo

Friday, August 2nd, ACLC of Los Angeles began a 4-part Divine Principle Education Workshop, called "Growing Families God's Way," for our blessed ministers in Los Angeles. We held it in our workshop seminar room at Pasadena House from 10am to 6pm. Eleven pastors plus five wives and staff joined for the all day lecture.

Following the workshop, they attended our ACLC dinner meeting. The pastors attending this workshop are all from our core ACLC executive committee. This is a 4-part lecture series and they will rejoin every two weeks. On August 9th, we will start another 4-part lecture series that more pastors can attend who couldn't make August 2nd. So basically, we will have one day workshops at Pasadena House every Friday so we can educate as many blessed pastor couples as possible.

The Friday meeting was in-depth Principle of Creation, containing 62 bible verses. Our lecturer is Rev. Tim Henning, the Vice Regional Director of Los Angeles region. Five presentations were given along with discussion sessions.

All participants were very pleased and asked for copies of the lectures. Rev. Joe Waller, our ACLC co-convenor, really came to appreciate Rev. Moon's discovery of deep truth. Rev. Walter Millsap, pastor of Sadoc Christian Church is one of our most positive ministers and testified that "this is what God wants." Rev. Millsap met us 15 years ago when he traveled with other ministers to Korea. After that, we lost contact with him and he lost contact with us. Early this year, Rev. Henning was teaching a TFV seminar at one of the churches and Rev. Millsap attended. During the lecture, he raised his hand and said, "is this Rev. Moon's group?" At first, we thought "ought-oh" someone is negative, but he asked that question because he was so grateful to have found us again! Rev. Millsap testified last Friday night that God brought him back to the Unification Church after 15 years and he and his wife are truly blessed. He said during those 15 years, he never could find another organization/movement doing what we are doing. Rev. & Mrs. Millsap are blessed, as are all of their married children, grandchildren and congregation.

Our one day lecture consisted of 5 lectures from Principle of Creation: 1. The Image of God in Creation (dual characteristics, relationship between God and creation); 2. The Power of God centered on relationships (4 position foundation, give and take action, 4 great realms of heart); 3. The Purpose of Creation; 4. Growth Through Responsible Action (growing period, human portion of responsibility); 5. The Invisible Substantial World and the Visible Substantial World.

They listened very carefully, including the wives. At the end of each lecture, we allowed 20 to 30 minutes for questions and answers. They had many questions and also comments, such as: How can we approach single parents about the idea of the 4 position foundation? How God can save those who are not Christian, because Jesus in the only way? What is the bottom line to Grow the Family in God's Way?

Also, the pastor's were really appreciative and inspired about the work of Rev. Moon, by listening to the contents of God's ideal, they were resurrected and found hope in unity …after all "we are all God's children". One pastor stood up at the end and clapped very loudly and giving thanks, to our lecturer, Rev. Tim Henning, for presenting materials that he could understand about Father and our organization.

During the dinner, one pastor couple who have attended past events were inspired enough to officially join ACLC. All of these pastor couples will return in two weeks for the next set of lectures. The Clouds of Witnesses does not seem to have had any negative effect on our active clergy in Los Angeles. In fact, it made a better condition for them to receive the "new truth" and True Parents because it's obvious to see that their ancestors are really supporting them, as is Jesus.

We allowed each participant to dress comfortably for this workshop and we served lunch outside by the Pasadena House pool. Rev. & Mrs. Waller did most of the food preparation the night before at their home, making delicious BBQ chicken & links for our guests. During their lunch break, we held a Won Hwa Do demonstration as a way to witness to their youth. We are fortunate to have an older 2nd generation Won Hwa Do Master at Pasadena House. They were very interested in "Growing God's Children Through Won Hwa Do".

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