Unification News for September 2002

Chicago ACLC Pastors' Prayer Breakfast

We are so blessed to have around 90 attendees of our ACLC prayer breakfast meeting on July 23, 2002 in Chicago, IL.

Dr. A. Harold White was the emcee and Dr. Paul Swanson did the opening prayer. They are so punctual to arrive on time. One of the pastors read Fathers' words entitled Jesus Standard of Goodness. It says, "Jesus Christ is Lord over all life because of his unparalleled form of loving, giving and sacrifice. He will remain Lord forever. In the same way, no one in this universe surpasses the total giving and loving of God. So God is God forever. He reigns over all creation. "

Mr. Art Roselle of Detroit Family Church came all the way from Michigan and shared about Faith-Based Summit which will be held on August 8th-10th. This is another interfaith activity. Again, we would like to deeply appreciate our Japanese missionaries for their steadfast dedication in bringing new pastors for the breakfast meeting.

We also had birthday greetings and celebration for one of the pastors. We had such a very family atmosphere.

Then our own Bishop Kim spoke about the Service for Peace rally in Washington DC, where 10,000 youth all over the nation will be participating. 200 is expected to go from Chicago. He urged our contact pastors to send their own youth representatives and at least 30 seats still available. He emphasized so much that service is very important tool in bringing peace to our community. In fact, we have our Service Corps in Chicago who goes community to community and church to church rendering variable services.

Through this act we can bring more people together and we could overcome barriers and transcend nationalities as well. He quoted this scriptures "Blessed are the peacemakers for they are the children of God" (Matt 5:9). "He that find his life will lose it, He that he loses his life for my sake shall live" (Matt 10:39). Whenever we sacrifice our life for God's desire we will always gain life.

Rev. T. L. Barrett spoke and affirmed how much he loved Bishop Kim, Father and Mother Moon and his fellowship with us. As a co-convener for the ACLC is a big responsibility. He believed that True Parents are anointed by God to cure sick families and to spread peace all over the world. His faith with Father and working with ACLC brought back his wife after 12 years of separation. He was attacked vehemently because of the article that was published but he encouraged everyone to pray and not just jump into conclusion. He said that he always stand for the truth. Finally, at the end we distributed copies of A Cloud Of Witnesses.

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