Unification News for September 2002

Unification Culture

Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, NY

In the realm of sports, I have moved into the Olympics and World Cup. Now we will move into the arts world, based on the Little Angels and Kirov Ballet, and we should move to the top. The cultural Olympics, and Sun Moon Peace Cup. Why? Because it is the end of the world, and the teenagers need a way to exhaust their energy. In the world, people kill and die, which is a result of the fall, so they need another way to expend their energy. In the future, sports are so important. We can mobilize all the people in a short time in this way, using martial arts, soccer.

It protects health. But we donít have that system, and we can create it through martial arts. As people do it, they gain power of the body to go with the power of the spirit. The next level is to bring this spirit into the art world, singing and performing arts. Martial arts, sports and art will become the mainstream of the world. So how are we going to organize it and reach the top? I prepared these ideas. We can prepare in these three areas, for Godís providence.

I established the Ilhwa soccer team, and many joked and persecuted it. I wanted to use the term, "Cultural Olympics," and people objected, so we called it the World Culture and Sports Festival. This was preparation. Soccer is well-developed because it is very cheap, needing just one ball, and emphasizes the teamwork of eleven people. I have a lot of ideas on how to develop teamwork. It requires not just soccer itself, but running, jumping, and flexibility, and teamwork. It is very exciting.

Next is art, singing, ballet, and opera. These stimulate peopleís hearts, to use up peopleís energy. We develop these and connect them with spirit world, and it is an infinite foundation for world peace.

If you do not study spirit world seriously, you will find yourself in hell. We live in the body world, but you should prepare for your next life by nurturing the spiritual side. If you go there unprepared, it is trouble for you. Is ballet a manís job or womanís job? Womanís; man is just the supporter in ballet. Women show off their beauty and ideals through jumping, exhibiting transcendent ideas. It lifts people up to Heavenly Father, who is a more masculine character, and the slender woman is jumping up to Him. The music and dance should balance, up and down, strong and weak. We can organize all kinds of people under that design.

When you watch, you feel you can jump, or you can race, and you think you can master it in ten seconds. So, sports and art are important to human life; thatís why I talk about the hobby industry. Connect sports and art to hobbies and bring it back to God.

Our martial art is Won Wha Do, is circular, 360 degrees. I created won wha do. Also I gave chung do sul, before. In America people like tae kwon do. I supported the people who brought it to America, but they didnít connect it to me. Over 100,000 young people study martial arts. All the martial arts leaders are uniting, and the Christians opposed it. I knew what was coming in the future, in the worlds of religion, sports and art, and had to educate all humankind in a short time. I felt that we could change the world in three years. Now look at it, the yakuza and mafia are dominating these arenas of life. By 2010, the mafia will dominate all distribution systems. Who will kick them out? Thatís why we need martial arts. So we need to bring martial arts leaders to Godís side, but they donít know what the purpose of martial arts is. So we need to re-organize them and bring them back to their original purpose.

To recreate the culture, they need to know God and the spirit world. Then the religious world needs to connect to sports and art. If they donít, they will eventually perish. Music came out of Christianity, and went out to the world. The Unification Church should be at the top of sports and art. We should build a school for this. The young people should understand these ideas. Who knows the spirit world better than me? You Americans donít know. You have to know the spirit world and how important spirit world phenomena are. Only I understand the spirit world. I know it more than any Nobel Prize winner knows, and also the existence of God and the heart of the family. Then in the family, we need to know the relationship between father and son, which is vertical, and husband and wife, which is horizontal. The root of it all is God, and the root of God is Godís heart.

Divine Principle explains Godís heart. Because of Adam and Eveís fall, we lost it all, we lost true love. Parents and children became enemies; all entities that were meant to be partners became enemies. Why did that result come? It was because they lost the original starting point. The world became a battleground. They lost the ability to create perfection, and humankindís attitude became the worst possible. We have to restore the original atmosphere. So the spirit world is so important.

You have to know Godís heart, first, and then the connection of His heart with the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God. Compared to that, the famous Ivy League universities can be dispensed with. They cannot get you to heaven. You need to connect to spirit world freely.

The months of June and July are completely different from each other. On July 3 we will have the Blessing, and July 4 is Americaís 226th birthday, and I will make a special declaration warning people about going to hell. Salvation by the cross is not enough. They have to repent; Jesus came to Israel but they killed their parents. Those who stand against the will of God go to the lowest place. Americanism is not Godís way; God is not the king of individualism. He has no concept of individualism. Evil people look for visible things; money, power. What are those people doing? Many who control Hollywood are against God. The model of man-woman relations they exhibit contains no morality. These so-called actors and actresses! This is a problem. They are mostly free sex people; I want to change all this; it is against God. It is the enemy of Godís kingdom forever. Free sex and homosexuality do not work; we need to overcome these ideas. Americans should change the divorce law, so that the children of divorce do not have to follow their mother.

The number one task is to study spirit world. I toured this country, prepared by God for 6,000 years, and where is the result? American Christianity doesnít know enough. They are like kindergartners; I have to take care of them. They do not connect one by one. I have shown the example and endured and endured. I am 83 and stand on the front line, but none of them recognize it or teach it, standing up. None of them stand up. They teach their own knowledge, which is external. Divine Principle is internal, but they think their external knowledge is better, and they have destroyed the internal depth of the principle.

So I have seriously developed these ideas that I have presented here and want to invest in sports and art. Soccer is very simple and inexpensive. Look at the ball. You just kick the ball. It represents humankind; mind and body in circular movement. If you are not circular, you are not moving. When God touches the soccer ball, you should go that way. The ball is always moving, so you should be expanding and moving 360 degrees. The ball is empty inside, which means that God is invisible, with the mind in the center. The body should follow the mind. Religion is the mind, and we should stop war, and man and woman should unite. Man is living here because of woman, and woman because of man. Womanís bodily functions are not for herself, but for her baby. So the Unification Principle is not doctrine, but the way of heaven. It is not doctrine, not man-made. Centered on God, we can talk about family.

How will we solve the worldís problems? By using culture. Using competition instead of quarreling. In the blood, the white and red cells do not fight; they work together to keep health. By cooperation comes more health and energy. We need to train to get balanced action of subject and object. No matter the academic degree you may have, you need to study principle. A baby just knows its motherís milk, and it is the best thing. If you are not spiritually hungry and crying, something is wrong.

I came here more than 30 years ago, and received so much persecution. I could do many things, but I am trained to serve you. I give and give ideas. The safe settlement of the parents of Heaven and Earth is so important. You are supposed to attend the true family; we havenít even done that, but now is the safe settlement accomplished. It means settlement and living continuously. They tried to kill Elijah, and he gathered 7,000 who had not followed Baal, and there were 7 million in Korea and 70 million worldwide. Now is the time to work with the UN. America by itself is struggling. By itself, it cannot cure the disease. They need me; they need True Parents.

Japan tried to eliminate the Unification Church, but Satan has surrendered, March 20, 1999; is it true? It is true. You believe in the Messiahís ideas?

Witnessing means recognition of the chosen people. I have declared this, and six months beginning today, July 1, all leaders are liberated, you should go back to the place of your ancestors. You connect with your motherland. Without that root, you cannot connect to your nation. Thatís why we could not establish Godís nation, because Jesus had no foundation of the family and nation. Now you have received the blessing. You are in an elderís position. So you have open the way for Jesus to guide to the Kingdom of Heaven.

You leaders; I feel you are valueless, in debt to the Japanese people. I have paid and nurtured and educated the Christian ministers, and have engrafted the 144,000 Christian ministers to the heavenly blood lineage. I visited the 50 states, but none of the American Christian ministers believed in Godís coronation. You donít even encourage Christian ministers to attend Hoon Dok Hae. Christian ministers should be here to hear me. They should come to Belvedere and East Garden; they are your Cains. You are a long way from the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven.

First, clearly understand God, and second, understand the Kingdom of Heaven, the dwelling of God. Deny your habits and traditional environment. Deny first, then bring in a new concept and settle it. Then go to the next stage. This is very clear, it is the viewpoint of the Principle of restoration through indemnity. Beyond the regular indemnity, add 20% more.

Before I go to spirit world, I will teach all people of the existence of God and spirit world. In twenty years, the ministers will repent. 120 Christian ministers recognize me in spirit world, even Confucian leaders. Now they understand I am the Messiah. They should not live alone. You should mobilize all the spiritual beings to come to Earth, returning in the spirit, to support. You cannot do it by the way of the individual. You should settle and make the foundation of the nation. Then you should develop that way.

Then you will have a highway to go to spirit world. Otherwise you are blind and deaf there. This talk is so serious. How can you create that atmosphere? Pure love, pure life, pure lineage. What is pure love? It is Godís love. Pure love is a synonym for Godís love. It is not cheap; it is connected to the holy God. It unifies the mind and body as one. If you are not pure, you quarrel and fight with each other. This is a natural way; but people living here do not know how to liberate humankind.

Centering on God, we have the parentsí environment and childrenís environment. God is the pure essence, the core of the essence. Do you think about the location from which I will go to spirit world? From where is better, Korea or America?

Korean people, from today you are liberated. You can save your tribe, based on the safe settlement of the parents of Heaven and Earth and your blessed family. This is not just settlement, but the safe settlement. So you should show filial piety and loyalty, and that way you can attend the parents of Heaven and Earth and establish the Kingdom of Heaven, amen. Adam and Eve were enemies and could not unite with each other. Until today, all people have struggled. That is why I sent out the Ambassadors for Peace, to cleanse the environment. You should go and guide and educate them, and give and guide them to the blessing.

Marx and Lenin were educated and now have confessed and it is your responsibility. Donít develop your own way; just follow the Principle. God hates free sex. From now, study the spirit world. Without knowing Godís position, it is impossible to understand Him. If you do not make a new start, you still belong to the tribe of Satan. Even if yesterday was good, today your mind and body are fighting. How can you make them align with each other and go in parallel? Exchange marriage? Self-centered marriage is the worst fallen phenomena, therefore we need action in marriage.

So make 12 disciples from your clan, and then 12 nations become one. If you do not follow that idea, how can you? A Korean rice cake has a certain shape, but they can make 360 different kinds. So Korean families are very smart. Koreans, raise your hands. Why are there so many Koreans here? Did I call these Korean leaders? Why are they here? So you are lucky; you came here by some lottery. You should give Divine Principle lectures, everyday, three hours minimum. Part one, part two. Reverend Eu lectured 16 hours a day, in the earlier church age. If he did not give that much, I gave him a hard time. Without lectures, the church will not grow. You can record the results of members and give them awards. Elementary school students, see their development. The good things of the Unification Church should be connected.

In conclusion, one is to know God and two is to know the reality of the spirit world. You donít need any other scriptures. All ideologies of all nations are connected to the settlement of the family. Even if you receive persecution, you should not be sad, but dance. This is mysterious. Some connect more by virtue of receiving a hard time and training. Practice absolute obedience, then God gives more blessing. I worked so hard to find this principle. Thatís why Iím like a living dictionary. I went to all kinds of places, researched. I lived that way, and so many people love Father. Do you love me? [YES] Show me. If you do not follow my direction, how can you say you love me? We send missionaries to the whole world, connecting to the 70 elders. Look at Jacob and Esau. Then connect to the tribe and unite with each other. A tribe of 72 followed Jacob.

Originally, Esau and Jacob were to have received the blessing together, but they did not unite, but divided. So they had to come back. The Jordan River other side was supposed to be milk and honey, but Iíve seen it and even a dog cannot live there.

If you do not make your foundation in your hometown, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to give the blessing to your tribe. Better to do that than let them to go to hell. Hell is torture; you can stop them from going there and bring them back and give them the blessing. When you joined the Unification Church, what was your situation? Were your parents against you, or did they follow you? In the spirit world, they can follow you. The principle is that restoration comes through the Cain and Abel relationship. Everyone has to follow that formula.

Why did I come here to endure a hard time? We need 120 Christian churches, to do fundraising, in a brotherhood relationship, as the Abel of America. Then the National Messiahís mission is to go and embrace their people, guide them and bring them to God. Cain and Abel relationship is so important, to expand from the family to tribe, nation and world.

The parents of Heaven and Earth, cosmic parents. Uniting the heavenly and earthly parents. Chunjoo means cosmos, it means two persons living together in the house of the universe. Freely living together. The spirit world, physical world, living together. Originally, chunjoo pumo means cosmic parents of Heaven and Earth. It should have been the reality, but not so, so I have to explain. How can you answer about this? St. Paul is suffering in the spirit world because he made mistakes. He was not a real disciple of Jesus; he made a mistake. St. Augustine converted too. Converted from Christianity to the Unification Church. Engraft. Explain this to Christian leaders. All denominations should mix together. In your community, bring 12 denominational churches into one. Spread that model to many other places.

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