Unification News for September 2002

4-day Blessing Candidate and Parent Workshop in DC

by Matthew Jones

Thirty-seven Second Generation brothers and sisters gathered at the UFC Building in Washington DC for a 4-day Blessing Candidate and Parent Workshop the last week in July.

The first day of the workshop was for both parents and children. Rev. Jenkins kick-started the workshop with an energetic and uplifting overview of the Blessing. Many parents said that it was great to hear that content again. We then had a panel discussion between the parents and children, where anonymous questions could be asked to each side as a whole. One child, for example, asked the parents, "What does true love feel like?"

This workshop featured a lot of interactive exercises and question-and-answer sessions. It also combined vertical Divine Principle content with practical ways of communicating with others and developing self-awareness-such as doing exercises to understand the positive and negative characteristics we inherited from our parents.

One highlight of the workshop was each night we had "Open Mic" where participants could come up an express themselves with a song, a joke or a thought. Each night the participants became more and more expressive, creating a strong sense of family, which made being here special for all.

Special thanks to Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Phillip Schanker, Rev. Kevin McCarthy, H. and J. Wiemann, Jack Huh and Highmy Herbers, Michael and Bianca Roshuni and the whole Stein family for their heartfelt investment in the second generation.

The next Blessing workshop will be held in October in Boulder, Colorado.

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