Unification News for July 2002

The 13th Blessed Childrenís Olympics

by Eric Erstling

On July 4th the BC Olympics was held on the front lawn of Belvedere. This annual event was initiated and founded by True Mother in her love and concern for the second generation youth. True Motherís love is for our children to be well-rounded leaders of the future. Not only is the spiritual, moral, and educational growth of the second generation important but the athleticism and health are a vital part in being a whole person reflecting Godís character.

Families of the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia area have participated in these past 13 years. The average number of children participating has been about 275, but his year the number of children was much less due to the July 3rd Blessing in DC.

The morning events are individual competitions similar to Olympic events with a little twist incorporating fun with sports. Some of the events are target shooting (throwing bean bags at soda cans), high hurdles and the obstacle course.

The afternoon involves team sports. The children are divided into four teams. Weíve had tug-of-love, bean bag game, and relay races over the years. Recently, even the parents have participated in dodge ball games (for the dads) and tug-of-love (for the moms). The team games have usually been the exciting part of the day as everyone gets involved with cheering as well as teamwork.

The Olympics has been supported by volunteer work from faithful, loving people. Paul Fontaine and Hamako Miyake have poured their love and sweat into this event since the first year. With guidance from Mrs. Mal Sook Lee (36 Blessed couple), also from the first year, and from Rev. Dong Woo Kim this event has been a successful and enjoyable annual affair. Thanks also go to Pastor Bruce Grodner, as the Westchester Church leader, and the Japanese missionaries, as well as the Erstling family. Joe Coyne has been a loyal MC for the past several years. Thanks also to Gregorio Villafana and Luis Araujo for being the valuable sports coordinators of the day. A special offer of gratitude goes to the team captains (parents and mostly middle school children) for leading the teams of young children.

Perhaps this tradition can be set up in all the regions. One day a national event could be an annual event.

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