Unification News for July 2002

Blessing in Chicago!

Around 700 people have gathered July 3 for the 1.7 Million International and Interreligious Young Couples Blessing at the Life Center Family Church of God In Christ, Chicago. The program began with reviving songs of different church singing groups including our very own True Family Values band and choir. Min. Briella of the Life Center and Alderman Shirley Coleman both gave warm welcoming remarks.

Religious leaders from Sikh Mission, Hindu, Nation of Islam, Baptist and other Christian denominations were also invited to grace and pray for this holy occasion.

Husbands in dark suits and wives in white dresses and veils had marched to the altar and drank the holy wine signifying their faith and love for each other for eternity.

It used to be that our officiators/attendants come from our own central blessed families but this time we had invited other couples from different churches to be officiators/attendants as a condition for these pastors and ministers to inherit True Parents way of giving the blessing.

Bishop Ki Hoon Kim received a lot of support from the National Messiahs and Christian pastors, which brought this event with tremendous victory and we want to humbly offer this to God and True Parents.

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