Unification News for July 2002

Blessing in Honolulu, Hawaii

by BillieAnn Sabo

On July 3rd, Youth and Clergy Couples Marriage Blessing and Rededication was held at Pacific Beach Hotel Mauka Room in Honolulu Hawaii.

There were 118 people gathered, includes 31 staff members and 72 observers. The number of Blessing Couples were 11 people and 2 brand-new couples. We had a couple who is a granddaughter of a minister. Her grand parents attended in Washington D.C. and parents attended in Hawaii on April 27th Blessing Ceremony. This time she brought her fiancee and went through all the ceremony with her father and grandparents.

Registration started at 10 o'clock in the morning, playing holy song jazz. We prepared veils for brides, and it made the brides very happy and beautiful.

The program started at 10:20 a.m. by Rev. George Chee, vice president of ACLC Hawaii Chapter (Ohana Family of the Living God Ministry) and Dr. Chizuko Allen (Vice President of WFWP Hawaii). Rev. Sadrian Chee (Ohana Family of the Living God Ministry), Sis. Clarita Nuesea (Waipahu Full Gospel Church), Japanese Missionary Choir (FFWPU) presented "Welcome to the Family" as Opening Music. Then Emcee did welcome remarks, and then all participants stand and sing the National and Hawaii Anthem together.

Rev. Jeff Carter (Pastor, New Life United Ministries) gave the Invocation, after that Rev. Hiro Y. Matsuzaki (Chairman of ACLC, Hawaii Chapter) explained Values and Significance of Blessing. Then the Holy Wine Ceremony was held by officiators: Rev. & Mrs. Walter W. Cullen, President of ACLC Hawaii Chapter (Messiah Full Gospel Bible Mission) and Rev. & Mrs. James Mitchell, Vice President of ACLC Hawaii Chapter (FFWPU Hawaii), and Rev. Matsuzaki. Firstly, singles pledged the Pure Love Commitments, and then Couples or Married persons pledged True Family Commitments. All the people who pledged these vows were given Holy Wines from the officiators.

The end of this part of the program, Japanese Missionary Choir went forward and performed Musical Selections. They sang one song after that they danced Hula (Hawaiian traditional dance); the choir received warm and loud applause from all the participants.

Part two of program started with the video that recorded the ceremony held in Washington D.C. that morning. Emcees were Rev. James Mitchell and Dr. Chizuko Allen. All participants watched the video seriously. At the Holy Water Ceremony, the co-officiators of Hawaii went forward and sprinkled holy water on the participants who received Holy Wine. On the screen at the Reading Affirmation of Vows by True Parents, participants answered "Yes!" loudly. After the Ring Ceremony, we stopped the video and took group pictures.

The last part of the program was a Japanese buffet-style lunch. While they are eating lunch, the Japanese Missionary Choir went forward again, and sang a song for cerebration. It was a most amiable time.

A minister couple came to the ceremony for the first time. Until this time, they didn't come any meeting of us even though they said they were interested. As they came to the registration table, they looked apprehensive. But after the ceremony, they changed and looked very happy. The husband told us they were very glad they had attended the ceremony.

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