Unification News for July 2002

Archbishop Stalling at Morning Star Baptist Church

by Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

On June 11th, Archbishop Stallings made a stop in Charlotte to speak at the Morning Star Baptist Church. The pastor of the church, Pastor Kelcey Steele, welcomed him warmly and members of the church were present as well as ministers, or their representatives. When the Japanese sisters got up to sing, one Assistant Pastor was so overjoyed, he stood up and shouted, "They're going to teach us how to live! Amen!"

Everyone listened intently to Father Stallings message about how God is a God of decency and order and how we were created in to inherit His love, life, and lineage. He said that the problem of "bad blood" started from the fall of man and the mission of the Messiah is to restore our lineage back to God's blood lineage. He said that Father Moon sees himself as the "Third Adam" and that all of us can be a "fourth Adam." We were all hanging on the edge of our seats at this point and if Father Stallings schedule had permitted, we would have stayed to hear the rest of this important message, regardless of time.

One Pastor, who chose to video the speech, greatly admires Father Stallings, having listened to one of the recent videos of Rev. Stallings he purchased every morning.

Many Charlottean Pastors have heard of Father Stallings and we pray that he can return soon.

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