Unification News for July 2002

Texas Sun Hwa Academy Entering Seventh Year

by D.J. Brewer -- Highlands TX

Sun Hwa Academy, now in its 7th year, was renamed by True Mother on November 29 of last year, two days after the purchase of the new school property. The school facility has a house, an apartment, a swimming pool, a 1500 square foot teaching hall, 20 pentium computers, a dedicated video editing room, and is shaded by pecan and cypress in a quiet Texas neighborhood. It is privately run by George and D.J. Brewer, a blessed couple in Texas who are regional coordinators for Second Generation education. Coupled with their 3,000 square foot home, students receive an amazing education that is wholly family based, in an exciting and people filled environment that covers the gamut of deep and meaningful to crazy and fun. The feeling is not one of a boarding school, but of being in a home with relatives whom you love and respect.

Our highschool program is outstanding and creative, and is possibly the most rewarding way a student could spend their highschool years of higher education.

This year promises to be one of the most exciting years ever, with 20 networked pentium workstations for learning FLASH 5 internet presentations and for online research and education. We have an awesome video editing workstation -- a pentium IV, with 512 MB ram and a 100 GYG HD with 7200 rpm, and an awesome $600 Pinnacle500 capture card with digital and analog capabilities. In other words -- IT ROCKS!!! We will use it with Adobe Premiere 6.0 and our first video assignment in the fall will be to make music videos. Students can also learn computer animation, and web page creation, as well as the regular subjects of math, composition, literature, history and science. Korean and French are also offered.

We are located on the Gulf Coast of Texas by Houston, and are a half mile from the water. We are 45 minutes from Galveston and go to the beach often. We have a cabin cruiser that we take kids out on the Gulf of Mexico. We also canoe frequently. We do a LOT of road trips in conjunction with our studies. It's a pretty amazing program. (I've had a LOT of parents say they wish THEY had gone here for highschool!)

But above all else, students can be with other Second Generation in an amazing character developing program that is unlike any other on earth. Wholly experiential and based on True Father's vision for Blessed Children's education, Sun Hwa Academy is a living, breathing example of the family as the school of Love. Students learn how to be true people, how to view and comprehend the Divine Principle not just as a book, but as their own personal path to perfection.

Life lessons are daily fare, and revelations and insights on the true meaning of life happen at each morning and evening service. It is a truly remarkable experience, as any student who has attended can testify.

If you are not satisfied with your current educational situation, seriously consider coming to Texas Sun Hwa Academy. One year there is equal to 3 years of maturation in a public or private school environment. Students come away happier, deeper, and more motivated as individuals, and infinitely better equipped to sustain a successful marriage and to be a true parent than they would in any other learning situation.

Here are a few of our goals:

Self Propelled: Here at Sun Hwa Academy, we believe in empowering the student to take ownership over their education. Students take full initiative with school projects, as well as academic responsibilities. Students have a rigorous core training that builds character far beyond basic schooling, and helps them to develop leadership qualities.

Goal oriented: By giving the students enough room to grow, we encourage them to make and execute their goals on a daily basis. Students are trained to establish and fulfill both short term and long term goals, and to incorporate these strategies into mastering both curriculum and life skills.

Family Values: The importance of love and respect between parents and children in a family is strongly stressed at Sun Hwa Academy. The reality of LIVING the Principle in daily life helps the students truly mature in preparation for being a true and loving spouse and parent. Living for the sake of others is not just a motto here: it is a way of life.

Leadership: Students here learn to mentor other students, and help those younger than themselves to strive for excellence in all things. There is an upward peer mobility here lacking in other schools. Older students act responsibly because younger students look up to them and need their help. Younger students try their best to perform well to impress those older than them. Itís a real feeling of family here.

Here is a quote from one of our students, now recently matched: "No where else on earth is there a school such as this one. It is truly a revolutionary way to teach. My life experiences here have taught me to be a true person. My academics here got me in college at age 16. When someone believes in you, you can accomplish anything. It gives you the will to learn." Teresa Vizecky, age 17

For more information contact: DJ Brewer, Director, Sun Hwa Academy, home 281-424-3347 school 281-426-9041 or djbrewer@houston.rr.com. Email communication is the easiest way to get in touch with me.

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