Unification News for June 2002

Founding of the Sun Moon Peace Cup Soccer Tournament

The champion soccer player Pelee, who was formerly Minister of Sports in the government of Brazil, visited True Parents at Hannamdong while he was in Korea for in the World Cup soccer competition.

During the visit Pelee and True Parents discussed the situation of world peace and the development of soccer. Pelee said to True Parents, "I desired to meet the famous and well-known religious leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon in Brazil but did not have such a chance so I am very happy to have this opportunity to meet you in Korea." And he went on to say, "I would like to meet you again, if I may, when I return to Korea from Japan on June 26 "

Reverend Moon responded, "I want to promote world peace through soccer games between continents. In order to do that we will form a soccer promotion committee and I would like for your organization to support this committee." Father asked Pelee to help to make world peace through being traveling throughout the world as a Sports Ambassador for Peace and Father will fully support his activities.

Pelee then responded to Reverend Moon, "Whatever I can do to help others, I am willing to support this plan for world peace.

Reverend Moon emphasized that the era will come when sports and art will influence nations to harmonize beyond their boundaries of politics and ideologies. And Reverend Moon again expressed that nothing would interfere with his determination to fulfill this.

Reverend Moon said "I dedicated myself to building this nation of America for 32 years through the United Nations. Now is the time the world should be one. This can only be accomplished through True Parentism. For the past eight years I conducted Religious Olympic games throughout the world. Thatís why this meeting with you today, Mr. Pelee, is historical."

Also Reverend Moon said, "I have invested so much to unify and harmonize South American nation-states. "Now is the time, Mr. Pelee. Could you lead this work through sports? Now is the time that Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay and Paraguay and all of South America should come together through sports. Can you, Mr. Pelee, take this responsibility?" Father asked him. "I want to establish a soccer college to further promote the sport of soccer.

Pelee said to True Father: "There was warfare within the nation of Gabon, but since the soccer games are now being played there, it has had a quieting influence on that nation. Soccer seems to have that kind of power. People there are concentrating more on the games. As a soccer player, I want to take a stand for world peace."


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