Unification News for June 2002

UTS Reflection

by Ken Saito

Today I have to confess my sin in UTS. After I joined UTS, I stopped donating money to my church. I didnít go to Jardin. I didnít go to CPL. I didnít donate money for the total offering or liberation of my ancestors.

When I discussed this with my friend, she said, "UTS is less important than the workshop in CPL, because when we go to heaven, our educational background is meaningless." Actually, I really agreed with her comment

Recently, I calculated how much money I have spent for my UTS education. I have spent $45,000. If I did not come to UTS, I could have so much money now. If I donated that money for the living offering, liberation of ancestor, and so on, I could be a person who could enter heaven right now, maybe. I could be closer to heaven. Donít you think so?

My question is "Why do we have to come to UTS?" We can explain many kinds of reasons, but I would like to simply say the following. If we just want to enter heaven, we do not need come to UTS. But, if we want to establish heaven on earth, we have to come to UTS. Thatís why God needs UTS. Thatís why TF asks us to go to UTS.

So, please be proud of your position as a UTS student. I know that graduating from UTS is not easy. Many of my friends gave up on UTS along the way because of some reason. But I would like to say, "Even though you are faced with a difficult situation, please never give up, because UTS is very important to establish the kingdom of heaven on the earth."

Personally, Iím not sure whether I can fulfill the high expectations of a UTS graduate. However, I have already invested so much money and time for UTS. I have already sacrificed my family. I have made my wife cry many times. If I cannot work well, my effort here would become just wasted time and money and my wife would cry again. So, I must do my best. Thatís my promise. And, one more thing. Iím going to start donating money again after graduation. Thatís my second promise. Thank you very much.

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