Unification News for June 2002

CARP in Moldova

by Irina Zablotskaya

Just with such a spirit as one team, and, maybe even more as one family, the volunteers of World CARP Moldova and boys and girls from the childrenís home of Chimishlia joined together for a charity action of collecting funds for 70 children who had no parents, or lived under difficult conditions.

Everything started early in the morning. Young people in blue uniforms and dark hats in pairs canvassed the whole town in less than two hours, coming to each person and asking to make a donation for children. Some people were surprised by this action, some people did not believe it was true, but majority were donating voluntarily, thanking participants for such a good deed.

Perhaps the most amazing thing was the fact that children, participating on the celebration, were giving small donations, as much as they could, to improve the life of their smaller brothers and sisters whom they did not know personally, but whose difficult situations touched their childrenís hearts.

At noon on the main square, the money was officially handed over to Mayor John Alexandreanu. The students had collected more than $120, which corresponds to about 4 months salary of an average teacher in Moldova. The event ended with performance of the pop group, named LifeStyles.

The students from Chimishlia and from Chisinau spent only half a day together, but they became so close to each other, that they did not want to part any more. Those from Chimishlia promised to visit their new friends in Chisinau as soon as possible.

Looking at all these joyful young faces and inspired burning eyes, I thought that this is the way that strong and unbreakable bridges of friendship and unity are being built, and that is how one family under God is going to be realized.

The project was special for the fact that students from Russian and Romanian speaking schools worked together. The Russians spoke Romanian and the Moldovans spoke Russian.

Everyone was friendly, as one big family. When those in need are waiting, does nationality or language matter? Does the fact that we belong to a nation, race or religion determine our ability to love, give and be a friend, a brother, a parent, or simply a good person? No, weíre all the same, and the students could experience it through practice.

The participants of the project themselves were very inspired. Later, having lunch together, they shared their experiences. "Sometimes it was difficult," some of them were saying, "to overcome yourself, to digest those moments when people could not understand you. It was difficult to persuade them to do something for the sake of others. But after overcoming all these difficulties, and especially after you feel very good."

"I donít know why, but I feel very light in heart. It was like I was in church and purified my mind. I realized today that in order to solve conflicts people need to communicate more with each other, overcoming the national, racial or language barriers," said a Russian volunteer Olga Bogos. And Moldovan Lisa Cocieru added, "Mutual understanding is very important. I know it can be reached by helping each other, doing something for the sake of others."

It was pleasant to watch the students, the way they worked together, helping each other. My heart was rejoicing upon realizing that here, in this small project, young people are solving the nationality conflict that persisted in our country for decades.

The culture of peace can only be found if we establish one family under God. And that family is going to be based upon True Love, and True Love is a love that is based upon the principle of living for the sake of others

"What did you experience today? What did you learn?" I asked the inspired and shining volunteers.

"I realized people need to get rid of egoism and think more about those who need help today, especially kids like these," shared Mogildea Cristina. "Iím happy I had the chance show at least some affection to these children," answered Lupasco Yulia.

"Did you feel like parents today?" I asked them. "Yes!" they all replied in one voice, and they added, "You donít need to wait to grow up and accomplish something in life, in order to help others. You can do it even now, when youíre 16."

Nobody among project participants remained indifferent. Looking back at them, I thought: "Something has changed in them today. They became a little older, a little more serious and responsible. They stepped today on a road that will absolutely lead them to become a true parent."

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