Unification News for June 2002

Korea Unification Art Exhibition

by Kentoku Hamasaka

With prayer for a peaceful unification of North/South Korea, and the success for the World Cup, the North South Peace Arts Festival began in the afternoon of the 15th May at Seoul Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and the PPS Culture Hall. 400 eminent figures from various fields attended, including W-CARP Korea President Kyounghyo Kim.

"This event is not a simple art exhibition but is meaningful in that it will accelerate culture exchange between the North and South," said MC Sung Ho Kim, "I hope this can convey the image of peace between North and South to the world and be groundwork for unification."

Later in the day there was a performance by the Little Angels who were officially commended by the President for promoting Korean culture to the world. MBC, KBS, Hankyoreh, Segye Times, and other press organizations covered the ceremony, showing the degree of attention paid to every North-South exchange.

The works of some 120 artists were exhibited; some 40 from the North including Seongmin Kim and Hataek Choi and 80 prominent artists from the South, including Jongmu Lee and Heungsoo Kim.

Until now there had been a lot of dispute in the South about the authenticity of the artwork brought from the North.

However the North Korean pieces displayed this time have attracted considerable attention because they are some of North Korea’s top works, authenticated by Mansudae Arts Studio which is North Korea’s largest. The exhibition included several exquisite embroidery works that are recognized as being of the world’s highest quality.

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