Unification News for June 2002

World CARP Conference in Colorado

by Ittetsu Aoki

The W-CARP leadership training team comes to Estes Park YMCA in Colorado a few times a year for a national education workshop. Now this place is becoming the home of our hearts, for many members have had rebirth experiences there. Even though a snowfall on the first day surprised us a little, we enjoyed the beautiful snow capped mountain scenery throughout the workshop.

The theme of the workshop this May was ‘Creating Harmony and Unity between 1st and 2nd Generation.’ Six months before the workshop Hyun Jin Nim asked to create a parents' association for STF. It is amazing how God prepared everything we needed so quickly. A group of very wonderful parents gathered in such a short time. Thus the parents' association was officially inaugurated during this workshop.

Parents whose children are in STF shared their testimonies during morning services. Many 2nd Generation were moved to tears and expressed their desire to create books of testimony from the 1st generation.. In the evening, 2nd Generation gave fundraising and witnessing testimonies which in turn made the 1st Generation cry. Tears of gratitude to God, True Parents, and Hyun Jin Nim, this was the spirit of the workshop. Everybody was intoxicated by the power of love of God.

We are grateful for all of our special guest speakers at this workshop, Mr. Ken Bates, Mr. Young Jun Kim, and Mr. In Soo Kim who is the new director of 2nd Generation Department in America. Their testimonies and insights helped all of us to gain deeper understanding and appreciation to the heart and vision of Hyun Jin Nim.

Our main lecturer was Mr. Joshua Cotter, who is the new president of CARP- USA. His powerful spirit and loving heart created a clear and high atmosphere, which helped all participants to receive God’s words deeply. At the same time, with his fantastic music skills and spontaneous natural personality, Mr. Cotter fascinated young people.

We kept singing many songs (especially songs written and composed by Mr. Cotter himself) for hours and hours.

Both 1st and 2nd Generation were totally united. All of our hearts were melted into one! At the end of the workshop almost everybody signed up for the 2nd year of STF.

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