Unification News for June 2002

ACLC Multiplies in Tennessee

by Yukihiro Saito,

On Monday, May 28, ACLC-TN Inaugural meeting in Memphis was held at Greater Hope Baptist Church (Pastor Dannie D. Holmes) where Father Moon gave a speech to ministers last year. Rev. Lee (NM of Mozambique), Japanese missionaries, Local TM (Mr. and Mrs. Abrahams) and I worked together for 10 days. We used his church as a base of activities. 4 ministers gathered. Because of sudden bad weather, promised pastors did not come to the meeting. It will become the ACLC foundation of Memphis from now on. Finally, Mr. Abrahams suggested another meeting within June.

On Tuesday, July 3, ACLC-TN Inaugural Meeting was held in Nashville, TN. 10 pastors and ministers from different denominations gathered at Shikanah Glory Community Church (an interdenominational church, Pastor Norman) in the afternoon. It was a hot day. Rev. Jones (Fairfield MBC, Executive Director of ACLC-TN) was an emcee of the meeting. Pastor Norman offered the opening prayer.

After demonstrating the introductory video "Stand for Family" the Japanese missionary choir sang a song on beautiful harmony. Then, Rev. Hwa Beum Lee (FFWPU, Mozambique NM, 777 couples) gave a welcoming remark to the pastors with his warm heart.

Following the explanation on ACLC and the Blessing activities by Rev. Saito (FFWPU-TN, Co-Chairman of ACLC-TN), Pastor Coleman (Christ Church of the Nazarene) gave pastors a wonderful testimony of Family Days (2 Sundays) at his church and conveyed a strong message on the necessity of Family Values centered on God with many resources. Its clear message moved all the participants. Then, Pastor Jones expressed his experience of alter call Blessing at his church. It also attracted the whole attendants.

Pastor Norman read the message on changing blood lineage by Archbishop Stallings and a speech on Christianity by Father Moon. He repeated some part of the speech to emphasize. It was awesome! Then, Rev. Lee, a substitute of Rev. Kim (Region 8), gave each attendant a certificate of ACLC-TN in flame and a small hand-made gift. Elder Ross (Church of God-7th Day) offered a closing prayer.

After cake cuttings, pastor Jones and Norman cheered Mansei three times powerfully. After the meeting, they enjoyed talking together with some refreshments. It was a small but a great success for Tennessee because of unity among Korean, Japanese and American brothers and sisters. From now on, we would like to promote an alter call Blessing at each church and focus on July 3 - young generation Blessing at one church.

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