Unification News for June 2002

ACLC Programs in North Carolina

by Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

On June 11 and 12 Archbishop George Augustus Stallings came from Washington DC to speak in North Carolina. After a successful event in Durham on Tuesday night, he left for Winston-Salem.

That following morning in Winston-Salem, the Archbishop had a personal breakfast meeting at the Midtown Café with Dr. John Mendez and his assistant pastor Rev. Bass. I was very grateful for this gathering, since Dr. Mendez is playing an important role for many pastors and churches in Winston-Salem. Dr. Mendez is the president of the Winston-Salem Minister Conference, which is a body of over 100 churches and pastors. I had already spoken with Dr. Mendez about our work, but Dr. Mendez had a lot of issues which burdened him in his understanding and embracing the work of Father Moon. So I felt a tremendous hope that at this breakfast could really open up new ways of understanding. Rev. Kim, Rev. Tim Davis and myself sat at a nearby table and we enjoyed their good laughter.

Archbishop Stallings then went to Charlotte where brothers and sisters had prepared a lunch service. In the afternoon he returned to Winston-Salem to attend the prepared program at the Christ Rescue Temple Apostolic Church hosted by Bishop Willie Davis.

Bishop Willie Davis is a long time supporter of Fathers work and he is Co-Chairman of ACLC in North Carolina as well as Regional Co-Chairman.

It started out with a ministerís dinner prior to the service. Mrs. Sharon Pace and Gigusa, a Japanese sister from Raleigh had prepared a lovely table setting for our guest. And a catering company prepared a tasty chicken dinner for the pastors. Pastors from Winston-Salem and Greensboro attended with a count of about 25 people. The dinner was joyful and pleasant. Some lovely music uplifted the atmosphere.

The revival service started at 7 p.m. The Christ Rescue Temple Youth choir opened up the service and lifted up everybody. Especially the song "Nobody but Jesus" got the whole congregation onto their feet. Dr. John Raye was the Master of Ceremony. A video on the Blessing followed.

After several rounds of introductions and praise for all the lead pastors, Archbishop Stallings gave a commanding sermon. He poured his heart out to make everyone understand about " What an awesome God we serve". He was able to share Divine Principles supported by significant bible verses. His message could be easily received by the people. A crowd of about 130 people praised his dynamic and depth of understanding. Following Archbishop Stallings, Bishop Willie Davis was so moved by the content of the message that he felt compelled to speak from the podium to make sure everyone had heard the key points. He was especially moved by the point Archbishop Stallings had made about the church being the bride of Jesus. We have to be a good bride.

The program continued with short comments given by every lead pastor sitting at the altar. I was amazed to realize that many of our NC ACLC committee members were gathered there at the altar. They created a team with unity and purpose. Also amongst the Christian Leaders was our faithful leader from the Nation of Islam, minister Mikal Muhammad. He had also brought his people to the program.

The moving and holy spirit filled evening concluded with the benediction given by Archbishop Stallings. Then we concluded with picture taking and fellowship.

The following morning we saw Archbishop Stalling, his wife and baby off from the Hotel. We were so very blessed to have him come to North Carolina to speak.

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