Unification News for June 2002

ACLC Wedding Reception, Columbus, Ohio

by Dr. John Mwamba

On Saturday, June 15, 2002, we had a "Wedding Reception" for Rev. Dr. Charles and Mrs. Sung Bok Kenyatta at Hyatt on Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.

We had 179 confirmations and 163 guests came. This means that 91.06% showed up. The participants were from all walks of life, clergymen, businessmen, politicians, friends and relatives. Over 40 pastors from American Clergy Leadership Conference were in attendance.

Rev. Dr. T.L. Barrett from Chicago was the keynote speaker. He spoke eloquently on "Fascination" with illustrations and stories from Adam and Eve to Abraham and Sarah to Dr. Charles and Mrs. Sung Bok Kenyatta to show the audience how fascinating we are to each other as brother and sister, as husband and wife. And how unique we have been created by almighty God to be whole into the marriage. He stressed the importance of the marriage and family. He considered Dr. and Mrs. Kenyatta as Abraham and Sarah, even at their age, God is still able to do the same miracle to them.

At the end of his address, he called all the participants to rededicate their marriages with a toast of sparkling cider. He illustrated the marriage as a binding together of all the spiritual and physical senses of the husband and the wife. The ceremony was beautiful and unique.

The congratulatory remarks were given by Bishop Andy C. Lewter, President of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and Pastor of Oakley Full Gospel Baptist Church and by Minister Donell Muhammad, regional director of the Nation of Islam, a representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Bishop Lewter gave a true story when on trip with Mrs. Hsu to Chicago for ACLC National Convocation, a year ago, he sat next to her on the airplane. During the conversation, Mrs. Hsu realized that Bishop Lewter did not have a wife, so she asked him to consider the matching and have a wife. Bishop Lewter found out also that Mrs. Hsu did not have a husband. So, Bishop Lewter told Mrs. Hsu that the day you are going to get married, I'm also going to get married. The audience applauded.

Minister Donell Muhammad visited Mrs. Hsus Retreat Center and the Health stores she owns in Columbus and was amazed by the vision and the care of people with health problems. Minister Muhammad shared that Elijah Muhammad had the same concerns of the health issue and members of the Nation of Islam put lot of emphasis on physical health. But most importantly they value the marriage and family than anything else. That's why they are so active in communities and prisons to rebuild families and educate people to be more responsible fathers and mothers.

We had in the audience Rev. Joel L. King, Jr. who is the first cousin of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He came with his wife and were very happy. This is the first time that he attends our events. I met him at the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and he was introduced by Bishop Andy C. Lewter.

Dr. Charles and Mrs. Sung Bok Kenyatta gave special greetings and testified the greatness of God in guiding them from nowhere to somewhere. Dr. Kenyatta told the audience that what counts in life, is not the number of degrees or the possessions, but how much have you lived for another fellowman. He mentioned how he was privileged to work closely with Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and even Elijah Muhammad and now with Rev. Moon. Dr. Kenyatta said that they are great because they lived their life for the sake of others. And Jesus is the greatest for the same reason. So, Dr. Kenyatta encouraged everyone to hold on their dreams and hopes and leave a legacy behind before departing to the spirit world. He said also that this is the reason why he has no problem to work with people of other beliefs as long as they serve the needy and the poor. He spent all his life doing that. Now, I don't know how long I'm going to live with my beloved Sarah, he looked at Mrs. Kenayatta and gave her the microphone. She also gave a testimony on how God raised her from nothing to something.

Also we were blessed by the presence of Bishop Ki Hoon Kim of Chicago and Rev. and Mrs. Kim of New York. And also Pastor Thomas from Indianapolis came to attend the reception.

Dr. William Craig gave the closing prayer. Dr. Craig is the gold watch recipient (ACLC member) and especially he is the Chairman of ALC in Ohio. He is been blessed recently.

The reception was uplifted with musical selections from Mrs. ___, the Ohio Family Church International Choir and the Men Trio (Roger Bair, Craig Smith and Joel Kaplan).

Rev. Ki Yeal Lee gave welcoming remarks. Rev Josef Schrattenecker emceed the event, Rev. Andree Reese gave the invocation and Dr. John Mwamba introduced Pastor T.L. Barrett.

The event ended up with participants lining up to give gifts or congratulate Dr. Charles and Mrs. Sung Bok Kenyatta.

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