Unification News for June 2002

Chicago Pastors on Fire!

The monthly Pastors' Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the ACLC-Chicago was held at the Harambee House on Tuesday, June 11, 2002. The event had surprisingly brought tremendous success centering on Bishop Kim, National Messiahs, Tribal Messiahs and the Japanese missionaries. There were 144 guest pastors, ministers, evangelists and other community leaders with a total of 240 in attendance. Bishop Kim said, " We never know how miracle could happen. We prayed for 144 clergies and it happened. God must be listening to our prayers. On that day, there was even a pouring rain but when the program started tables and chairs began to fill up. We only made a reservation of 180 people but it was amazing that the room was packed".

Not only that, the crowd was also happy to see the much awaited family of Archbishop George Augustus Stallings (with wife Sayomi and his 2-month old son Shin Young). This time Archbishop Stallings brought us more into the deeper meaning of blood lineage. He gave emphasis on the Divine Principle's teaching about the establishment or blueprint of the Kingdom of Heaven. He explained that God's lineage started during the time of Adam and Eve but due to the fall, man's lineage was cut off from God's lineage. Jesus should have the potential to become a True Parent if they had not crucified him because the will of God is for Jesus to build his ideal family and pass his lineage on to his generation. He added that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the True Parents for the Spiritual Rebirth.

Archbishop Stallings was full of vigor as he was telling the audience that the Rev. Moon is in the position of inheriting God's lineage through Jesus and that both Jesus and the Rev. Moon have the same mission of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven.

Finally, he challenged everybody that restoration must take place in our families and churches and that it must be passed on to the next generation.

As the program had ended, many of the guest pastors had expressed their joy and appreciation of being a part of this event. Its success was also made possible by the tribal messiahs and the Japanese missionaries who were visiting the churches from morning until late at night.

In behalf of the Chicago Family, we would like to acknowledge the effort and sacrifice of Archbishop Stallings' family for our region. We have learned from his wife that he's been diligently studying the Divine Principle day and night.

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