Unification News for June 2002

ACLC Service in Chicago

Rev. Torrey Barret, the second son of Rev. & Mrs. T.L. Barret of the Life Center Church gave a very inspiring testimony/sermon at the Ashland Church Sunday May 26. He quoted from the Bible verse taken from John where Jesus was called for the wedding.

Then Torrey started to ask, have you ever invited Jesus into your life? He related this question to his own life testimony growing up as a son of a pastor of the church. As he had gone through many tough times of his life, he had noticed that he never really invited Jesus into his life. Whether it be going to the military, going to the Lutheran High School, and to the Catholic College. He did not invite Jesus into his life. When he got arrested in College and was put in a prison cell, he was very afraid to call his father to get him out of the cell but he had no choice but to call his father, but it was on a Saturday night and the next day will be Sunday Service so he said that there will be no way for his father to fly and get him out. And when he noticed that other parents came to bail their kids out, he started calling God and Jesus to help him out and that was the first time he said in his life that he invited Jesus into his life.

And then he got married and again heís been going through a lot of struggles dealing with his wife, thinking also about his divorced parents and his wifeís divorced parents.

He again asked the question, did I invite Jesus into my life?

Torrey was grateful to Rev. Moonís prophecy about his parentsí reunion. And as he was invited to the blessing last year in Washington D.C., he wasnít feeling very good because at that time, he and his wife werenít talking to each other, even when Bishop Kim knocked to their hotel room, they were just both pretending to be OK.

Torrey said that during the blessing day, when he and his wife were not still talking, he decided to go to his father and ask his father if thereís any possibility that they can approach Rev. Moon closely and bless their marriage. His father said that it maybe impossible because there were too many people but Iíll try, his father said.

But when his father (Rev. T.L.Barret) brought them together to Father and Mother Moon, and the moment Rev. & Mrs. Moon touched their hands, he felt that their marriage was healed. From that time on, he said that his relationship with his wife became much, much better and he even said that everyday seems like a wedding day. Most especially after the 40-day separation period. He testified that they were not only blessed in marriage but also they were blessed with a new house.

Torrey went on to say to younger and elder couples to ask the question, did I invite Jesus into my life? And finally he said that if we invite Jesus into our life, then we will not run out of wine.

After the service we had a lunch together and they cut a cake celebrating their first Blessing anniversary.

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