Unification News for June 2002

ACLC Boston, MA

by Rev. Bismarck Bamfo

Our May 22, 2002 ACLC meeting was one of the best conferences, if not, the best in recent times in Boston. There was shortage of food, seats and space. The quality of discussion, fellowshipping, testimonies, presentations, and presence of God and the Holy Spirit, created a family atmosphere, overwhelming everyone.

True Father predicted the Accomplishment of the 144,000 Clergy Couples Blessing and encouraged Japanese Missionaries to continue to work even after that for two to four months in the United States. He also asked us to bring all Hispanics and Asians together and establish the Federation for Hispanics and Asians. Afterwards, we should also break through to move the white community and sing songs of the Blessing.

In obedience to heaven, many of the missionaries decided to stay to fulfill July 3, 2002 Young Couples Blessing. In the process of recuperating from exhaustion and tiredness, barely a week after April 27 Blessing, May 20th was set for our next conference. This was to provide a point of focus around which the missionaries could visit churches, bless and invite ministers. As usual they are reaching out everyday with local members.

Initially, 30 seats were reserved for the event. However, to our surprise 20 pastors and 24 wives and ministers showed up. The room was fully packed. Missionaries and local members who attended had no place to seat. The program started with prayer by Pastor Allan Ebeling of Worldwide Church of God in Waltham, with our dear friend and brother Bishop Erell N. Skyers as MC.

While ministers were having their dinner, the missionaries offered songs and a special Mexican dance. Rev. Eduardo Yarde, of Mt. Sinai Baptist church, gave the welcoming address and also testified about his own matching and blessing. "As a minister of the Gospel, I felt incomplete and therefore the need for a partner. However, I waited and trusted the Lord for the appointed hour. My matching and Blessing is truly therefore an answer from heaven." By speaking both in English and Spanish, he was able to capture the hearts of everyone - especially participants who have Spanish background.

A few minutes before our keynote speaker went to the stage, we had a video presentation of April 27, 2002 Blessing. Rev. Yarde appeared several times on the screen. The video prepared the stage for the keynote Speaker. Rev. Lawanda Brooks form First Church of God in Christ Ministries. She spoke eloquently on the topic, "Raising Our Level of Commitment to Our Family." She challenged those present to spent time with their family members, communicate effectively, and their experiences together. "Our parents were always there for us. We felt secured and at home. As a result American families were stronger with less divorce rate than today." She also testified about her experience at the 144,000 Clergy Couples Blessing in Washington DC.

Ministers were called to discuss the main theme of her speech. In their discussion, they all admitted and agreed that the family is indeed in crisis and needs healing. The reports from representative from each table suggested the need to bring the Word of God back into the home, pray constantly as a family for God's guidance and intervention; couples should help and encourage each other and need to spend quality time with their children, get to know what they are doing.

Rev. Richard Wright, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Worcester, MA spoke about restoring the power of Black women, fulfill her role in the home, in order to keep Black men from jail, drugs and other malpractices. Rev. Ramos Reyes of Igresia Bethsaida, Inc who also had the opportunity to participate in the Blessing in Washington DC, gave a moving and heartistic testimony. He encouraged ministers to go beyond their denomination, race and nationalities. "We are one family under one God and that is the only way we can defeat our enemy, Satan."

Bishop Jennifer Hightower, Revival Deliverance Edification Center, praised True Parents and what they are doing beyond race, religion, and nationalities. She also challenged ministers to become an example to their family, church and the community in order to qualify as True Parents. She concluded by encouraging all to prepare their youth to participate in the July 3, 2002 Marriage Blessing in Washington DC.

The program came to a close with a prayer from Rev. Kil Hwan Kim, the Block Leader for North Eastern, United States. Although he prayed in Korean, participants were responding boldly and powerfully, an experience we have never had before. The spirit of the evening was beyond description. Participants continued to stay and fellowship for more than 45 minutes after the program was over. Again, it was the work of God and Victory for Heaven.

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