Unification News for June 2002

ACLC Convocation in NJ

Over 100 guests gathered in the beautiful Terrace room of the Sheraton Hotel on June 3, 2002. During dinner we were entertained by the Richie Cole Alto Madness Jazz Band. After a 15 minute video presentation on the 144,000 couple blessing Miss Jenna Eisenberg, winner of the John Lennon song writing award for 2002, entertained the pastors with a piano solo.

We then listened to the entertaining and hopeful testimony of Minister Torrey Barrett. He is the son of Rev. Dr. T.L. Barrett, ACLC national executive committee, whose marriage was healed on May 27, 2001, when he was blessed by True Parents and Father held the hands of Minister and his wife. The jazz band played a medley of Gospel and Broadway tunes.

Finally, the moment we all waited for, the Archbishop George Augustus Stallings. He began his talk expressing that our God is an awesome God and that we human beings are the pen-ultimate creation and occupy the position of children of God. As he spoke we began to notice one then three then ten balconies become filled with people from their hotel rooms listening to the Archbishop's sermon. The Terrace room occupies a position where the hotel rooms with balconies overlook the event room.

When Mrs. Stallings returned from her day in Manhattan, she heard her husband's clear, strong voice in the lobby and she noticed all the hotel guests listening to his sermon from their hotel rooms. He continued his overview of Divine Principle and the meaning of the Blessing. When he finished all the pastors stood-up and applauded his clear and innovative expression of God's word. The next day at our prayer breakfast, one pastor commented that he had been awake for many hours contemplating and praying over the content of Archbishop Stallings sermon.

Rev. Phillip Thomas and Mr. David Eaton closed out the event with a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace". We are "On the road to the blessing of 1.44 Million young Couples in Region Three.

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