Unification News for June 2002

Los Angeles Interfaith Prayer Breakfast

by BillieAnn Sabo

The Los Angeles prayer breakfast on June 1 was a great success. The pastors/guests who attended came from the unity and hard work of visiting, calling and inviting from our ACLC leaders, community members, full time members and missionaries, all working together. And the result was GREAT! There were 218 attending pastors/guests; 1610 holy wines distributed; 23 holy wine celebrations scheduled; 98 churches represented.

We held our prayer breakfast at our usual place -- Nat's Cafe. We had approximately 260 participants which were a combination of guests, choir, missionaries and members. Because so many pastors were in attendance representing many, many denominations, the spirit was extremely high. Also, we have not held a large prayer breakfast like this since February. Before April 27th, we had weekly prayer breakfasts, but we designed those to be small and targeted. This prayer breakfast was completely sponsored by ACLC of Los Angeles.

Rev. Joe Waller, ACLC Co-Convenor and Pastor of Shiloh MBC was the Master of Ceremonies. The invocation was given by Dr. Raymon Harris, Pastor of Greater Zion Flower MBC, and one of the 60 blessing couples with True Parents in May 2001. This was followed by a wonderful breakfast buffet during which the Sadoc Christian Choir performed. We used this choir for our April 27th event and they are one of the most powerful choirs I have ever heard. Even at 8:30 in the morning, they had the pastors jumping last Saturday!

On May 24th, we held a dinner meeting at Pasadena House and invited all the attending pastors from April 27th. Our purpose was to give them strong guidance for the July 3rd blessing. One pastor, Rev. Saro Galstyan became very inspired. He and his wife were just met by us this year, but they participated as a bride and groom on the 27th. During the dinner meeting, we encouraged these pastors to hold a Family Blessing Celebration in their church as soon as possible. Rev. Galstyan really felt Jesus was pushing him to hold his church blessing the following Sunday, May 26th. He did and it was beautiful. Therefore, we asked Rev. Galstyan and his wife to share their church blessing ceremony testimony at our prayer breakfast.

After his testimony, we showed our Los Angeles April 27th blessing video tape. It is an 18 minute tape and very powerful because it shows our local high level and every level pastor couples being blessed. This video tape along with our Pastor Pocket Guidance Folder & the Holy Wines are our Trinity "Love" Weapon when visiting churches.

Following the video tape, our keynote speaker was Rev. Leroy Elliott, National ACLC Executive Committee member. There were many Baptist preachers present, new ones and our regular ones, so his message was well received. Rev. Elliott did not speak about the 1.44 Million Couples blessing, but his message uplifted the room. He is a great preacher!

An offering was taken after his speech and the choir sang again. Afterwards, our West Block Coordinator, Mrs. BillieAnn Sabo, gave special guidance & pushing to the pastors for the 1.44 million blessing. She gave personal testimony and through this, strongly encouraged them to Stand for Family by participating in this blessing and multiplying it out to the couples in their congregation. Each pastor in attendance was given a Pocket Guidance Folder and a video tape of the LA event. This time, we had 5 tables of Spanish pastors and we provided translation at each table. All of our materials have been developed in both English and Spanish. BillieAnn spoke for approximately 25 minutes. Each pastor was encouraged to take enough holy wines with him to bless his couples and also to schedule his church blessing celebration right then. Pens & forms were provided at each table. Also, our original registration tables became holy wine tables set up from after breakfast. That way, we could catch every pastor, even ones who left early.

Following BillieAnn, Rev. Tim Henning, Pastor of LA Family Church, give a TFV presentation on "Taking Up the Mission of Jesus". Several pastors requested a similar teaching to their congregation.

The Sadoc Christian Choir offered a final closing song, Rev. Dr. Joseph "Papa" Lee of the Heavenly Vision MBC (first blessing church in California in Dec. of 1996) offered the closing prayer and our West Block Director and LA Regional Director, Rev. Baek Joong Ku, closed the meeting with 3 strong and determined Cheers of Mansei.

It was a good day because for the first time, many pastors had open ears and minds especially during the holy wine guidance & the TFM. Some had tears in their eyes as they finally realized and understood the mission of Father Moon.

Our final step, of course, is to make 400 youth couples for our July 3rd event, so we will do quick and hard work to follow-up with the attending pastors to help them complete their Holy Wine ceremonies, to teach TFV and the main priority, to invite and sign up their couples for July 3rd.

We are very grateful for the hard work, determination and guidance of our Los Angeles Regional Director, Rev. Baek Joong Ku, and the tremendous unity and "I Can Do ~ Never Give Up" spirit that we have.

BillieAnn Sabo is the West Block Coordinator

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