Unification News for June 2002

Two New Principle Study Guides

by Mata Williams

The FFWPU International Office in Seoul is pleased to announce the publication of two new Principle study guides. God of Heart and God of Principles have been adapted from two Korean books that were written for high school and middle school students respectively, and are presented with an attractive layout to appeal to youthful readers. Designed to facilitate personal and group study, both volumes recommend themselves for use by second-generation and young members alike.

A structured and focused approach has been adopted in studying the Principle. The main study passage, from Exposition of the Divine Principle, is explained more fully in a separate section and accompanied by relevant excerpts from Father's words. Each of the 25 units concludes with a page dedicated to review of the unit as well as personal reflection and application.

To whet the appetite of Korean language enthusiasts, Father's axioms and sayings have been interspersed amid memorable photographs.

Each book is priced at US$7, or $10 including packing and mailing to an address you specify. Discounts for larger orders by arrangement. Contact: Mr. Joo In-ho, FFWPU International Headquarters. Fax: +82-2-6383-1500; E-mail: mission@tongil.or.kr.

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