Unification News for June 2002

IIFWP Mongolia

by Mr. Yasushi M. Matsumoto

In connection with the United Nations’ Special Session on Children (May 8-10), Mongolia offered its own insights and recommendations by holding a Session called, "Making a World Fit for Children and Mongolia’s Effort," held at the Palace of Youth in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on May 10th. The event was sponsored by the IIFWP (Mongolia Chapter), the International Educational Foundation (IEF) and the Children and Youth Development Department of the Capital City.

The event sought to explain Mongolia’s efforts, challenges and successes in dealing with their youth and also highlighted innovative educational curricula on character education and what is being called ‘education for purity’

The speakers and participants at the Mongolian Session represented government, business, religion, civil society, child’s rights representatives and educators working directly with Mongolia’s youth. Keeping in sync with the UN event, three high school students addressed the participants in Mongolia, as a key UN objective was to feature young people in the proceedings. The goal of the organizers of the Mongolian Session was to provide a model of implementation for other countries to refer to.

Mr. Tuvshintogs, a government official representing the Mongolian National Committee for Children gave an overview of the 10-Year Plan for Children in Mongolia. There was also a presentation on ‘NGO Activities for Children in Mongolia,’ based on the UN appeal, ‘Let’s Say Yes For Children.’ The important role of NGOs was emphasized because in reality, besides the families and sometimes in place of, NGOs deal directly with the immediate needs of children.

Ms. Gantumur from the Mongolian Women’s Buyani, spoke about ‘Buddhism Teaching and Raising Children.’ Mr. Tsogbayar, IIFWP Mongolia, shared about the ‘Value of the World Peace Blessing for Children.’ The World Peace Blessing is gaining world-wide acceptance as a tool that directly impacts children’s lives through the moral uplifting of the family.

The presentation by the City Education Department and ‘model school’ featuring three students was one of the highlights of the afternoon. The ‘model school’ is teaching an innovative curriculum called ‘education for purity.’ This curriculum has been established as one of the best ways to combat HIV/AIDS among youth.

Presentations from the Women’s Federation for World Peace, ‘A Vision for Establishing a Moral City;’ Service for Peace, ‘Service Action and Making Children Peacemakers and the Youth Federation for World Peace concluded the program.

It is the hope of the organizers of the Mongolian Session to continue this work. "We realize that this is just the beginning in Making a World Fit for Children. Through partnerships and other strategic alliances that offer a cross-cultural and multi-sectoral approach the UN goals can be realized."

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