Unification News for June 2002

IIFWP in Mexico

In Mexico City, Dec. 8, 2001, the IIFWP convened several hundred academics, scholars, journalists, media personalities, businessmen, professionals and other leaders to the presentation of 120 Ambassadors of Peace. The conference theme was: Universal Values and Public Service: Building a Culture of Peace. Special guest and Master of Ceremonies was Ambassador Phillip Sánchez, of New York, Publisher of Noticias del Mundo and Tiempos del Mundo.

From Korea came the National Representative of IIFWP, Rev. Chong Kwan Yoo and Mrs. Yoo. He presented the Ambassadors of Peace, including Lic. Elsa Sánchez de Salas, president of the Women's Federation of Mexico. Lic. Juan José Torres, the organizer, is the Mexico representative of the IIFWP.

While presenting the "Ambassadors of Peace" awards, Dr. Yoo declared, "Each of the Ambassadors of Peace, and each one of us should help foster world peace. Let us take active roles as leaders in the movement for peace."

Sánchez added, "I hope that with the "Peace Embassies" as the center, all the international organizations, including the UN, will participate actively in the peace movement. We should all be pioneers for world peace, first by building ideal families of true love that live for the good of others!"

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