Unification News for June 2002

Ambassador for Peace from Pakistan speaks to Muslims across USA

by Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, Ph.D.

IIFWP Ambassador for Peace, Grand Shia Imam of Pakistan Allama Nasim Abbas Rizvi delivered 40 lectures on peace during Islamic holy month of Muharam and Rabiulawal in the United Sates of America. Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, IIFWP national leader for Pakistan invited the Grand Imam on behalf of Shia Muslim community residing in the United States. He addressed Thousands of Shia Muslims at New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, Connecticut, Florida, Los Angles, Texas, and the nationís capitol, Washington, D.C.

While speaking at Islamic Centers and Central Mosques of metropolitan cites of different States, Grand Imam Rizvi stressed that all the leaders of major religions should unite as children of Adam and Eve. He said all of us should hold the rope of one God and must not create disunity among ourselves. The Grand Imam mentioned in his sermons about the role of Unification movement and vision of the IIFWP and its Founder for World Peace.

The Grand Imam Rizvi said the tragic events of September 11 occurred in the United States but all peace-loving people consider themselves as sufferers of these tragic events. He said Islam is a religion of peace and has great respect for other religions and creeds. He said IIFWP has taken a bold initiative for world peace. For many generations, the hope of people of all ages has been and still is for a united world of peace and well-being. The hope has been for united human family within the community of nations living harmoniously with each other in their natural environments.

Grand Imam Rizvi said the twentieth century witnessed significant initiatives aimed at creating greater harmony and cooperation among nations and peoples. Those ideals include taking the enormous responsibility to work for peace, living for the sake of others and going beyond the boundaries of nationality, race, religion, culture and beyond the trauma of past experiences.

Before his final address at Muhammadia Center Washington, D.C., Dr. Kazmi appreciated the scholarly efforts of the Grand Shia Imam Allama Rizvi and expressed his hope that Muslim World will seek guidance from his thoughts and beliefs.

Prior to his visit to USA Grand Imam Rizvi addressed on Government-owned TV network Pakistan Television about Islam and Peace and there was live broadcast of his sermons in 48 countries. Grand Imam Rizvi is on a three-month tour lecturing for Peace.

Zulfiqar Kazmi is President, IIFWP Pakistan Chapter

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