Unification News for June 2002

Welcome to Top Garden Academy

by D. Ferrantello

Top Garden Academy is our school in a growing, family-oriented, rural community near Mobile, Alabama, the home of Master Marine and True World Foods. The school has grades K-8 and plans to expand the Middle School international exchange program. In the near future, we hope to start a High School. If you are looking for a school which fosters True Parents' education, family-centered community and excellent teachers focused on academic and spiritual success, we invite you to Top Garden Academy.

We invite your talents, contributions and love for second generation and children of all backgrounds as well. Also, we hope for people who can teach any of these extra skills: music lessons, ESL, Korean, Japanese, Tae-kwon-do, farming or sports.

Call us, e-mail us, visit and explore the work and living opportunities in Mobile, which hosts several universities, developing urban business opportunities, Dauphin Island's Sealab/Estuarium facilities, environmental and coastal education resources, as well as cultural activities. Most of all, come join our extended family. Be a teacher, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, brother or sister. School Begins On August 11th.

Call Rev. Kasey and Teresa Yamane.

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