Unification News for May 2002

World CARP to hold Alumni Workshop

Joshua Cotter

Hyun Jin Nim will be holding a special 7-Day workshop for CARP alumni from May 27th until June 2nd at UTS. Last year Hyun Jin Nim initiated 21-day workshops for the worldwide Unification Church movement. The first three were in Canada, UTS and Moscow (Lithuania.) The focus of the workshops was "A New Paradigm of Leadership for the Settlement Age". Many CARP Alumni desired to attend these workshops last year but were unable to attend mainly because a great number of alumni were not able to spare 21 days out of their family and work schedules. This 7-day workshop is specifically created to condense all the content of 21 days into 7 days to allow everyone to attend.

True Father directed Hyun Jin Nim to lead the special quarterly meetings with all the top leaders of the Unification Movement in the USA. Thus, Hyun Jin Nim is taking on more and more leadership roles in the movement. He is investing a lot for the education of the 2nd generation and youth because they are the hope of the future. Last year, Hyun Jin Nim started the Service for Peace movement involving all organizations in our movement to substantiate the ideal of the Blessing on earth through a visible manifestation of the culture of living for others.

As our elder brother, Hyun Jin Nim is educating the 1st generation and connecting us to Heavenly Father and True Parents. Hyun Jin Nim is teaching fundamental values that can revitalize us and our movement as a part of the extended True Family. From the Providential viewpoint, we should connect with True Parents through Hyun Jin Nim. This is the main reason we hold Hyun Jin Nim's workshops.

During the workshop, you will hear lectures, all centered on explanations of the Completed Testament Age with implications for the Settlement Age. Hyun Jin Nim also emphasizes a new paradigm of leadership within our movement based on our core values like vertical tradition, ownership, teamwork, etc. Hyun Jin Nim has a great vision to change this world starting from our movement.

We will also have physical training and Service for Peace activities as well. I myself attended Hyun Jin Nim's 7-day workshop one month ago and had an incredible transformation through Hyun Jin Nim. I could rededicate myself to God's Providence as a new person. From my experience, I strongly recommend all members to attend this workshop.

The fee for the workshop is $250 and can be paid on arrival with cash or check. Arrival day at UTS is May 26th 6 pm. For your further information, please contact Rev. Stephen Nomura at W-CARP USA Headquarters, 212-382-2402 or his cell phone, 203-895-2571. If you decide to attend, please contact us: usa@worldcarp.org or fax: 212-382-2005.

Joshua Cotter is President, W-CARP USA

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