Unification News for May 2002

CARP Russian Rock Band on the Rise

Kirill Petukhovsky

Urals, Russia -- Four members of the Urals CARP branch got together to create a new rock-band under the tentative name, Ne plyvi po techeniyu (Go Against the Flow.) The band members believe that rock-music is most powerful of all other musical styles in its appeal to people's consciousness and sub-consciousness and in leading them to make them adopt a certain life-style. The fact that teenagers are often drawn into various gangs and groups based on their musical preferences may be evidence to this statement.

"It's hard to get people to like you only through composing good and principled lyrics, while ignoring the quality of the music itself," explains Roman Doronin, the band's enthusiastic drummer and initiator. "That's why for now we decided not to go for publicity, but we'll rather focus on practicing and mastering our techniques."

The young band members, all the four guys are just below or just above 20, not only aspire to achieve self-realization and produce quality rock music, but want their creation to be an educational tool that can exert influence on young people in society at large. Equipped with two guitars, a bass and drums, the band has already performed at local CARP events and as their mastery improves, "Go Against the Flow" hope to win wider audiences outside the CARP movement.

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