Unification News for May 2002

World CARP Rally in Latvia

Vladimir Barkanov

World CARP sponsored a rally April 26, 2002, in Riga, capital of Latvia -- a march against drugs, AIDS and supporting moral values -- entitled "We are On The One Way". The main purpose of this march was to proclaim new alternative youth culture based on moral values, purity of love and a healthy lifestyle. As well give the possibility to the young people to participate in an activity with the purpose solving the problems of society and, through this, get feeling of ownership for their country.

Joining the march were 300 students from the different schools of Riga. They prepared banners and came with the desire to do something about problems of society.

Two months before the march, in many of the schools, we gave special lectures about the march. It helped the young people to get a more serious attitude and prepare themselves for this event.

In the beginning of preparation for the march we had support from the city government. A real help with organizing was a deputy of the Latvian Parliament , who was appointed as an Ambassador of Peace last year. Because of his support it was possible to overcome a lot of difficulties with permissions for the march.

The march ended with a meeting and concert in the square at the center of the city, near the town council. At the meeting were representatives of AIDS center in Latvia. The concert was given by two rock band: "Carpe Diem" ( World CARP of Russia, S-Petersburg.) and "Feedback" Latvia (friends of World CARP Latvia.)

It was not a huge march, but such an event was a first in Riga. Latvian CARP members for a long time, from the beginning of the movement in Latvia, dreamt about this, but because of persecution in the former communist countries it wasn't possible. Only now this dream become true. It is possible to see that this time is really different, a different age, a settlement age with strong foundation made by True Parents.

Unfortunately Latvia is small country and here still exist a lot of negativity to our movement, but even now also appear some negative articles, but the same time appear some journalists from TV and newspapers who try to protect us and who want to help us purify name of CARP and Rev. Moon, here in Latvia. But now many non government organizations now want to work with CARP and also protect CARP from persecution. And also through this march in Riga appear possibility of cooperation with city government. All this have open real possibility for the organizing in Latvia projects " Service For Peace". With such a activity such a small country as Latvia (just 2.5 million population) can be restored in very short time.

Through this event all CARP members, who organized this (Latvian members, and supporters from S-Petersburg and Byelorussia) one time have understand that in this time everything became possible if you just can forget for everything and doing something for the sake of others, with clear motivation everything became possible, no more limitations. All limitations is only inside us, limitations of power of love. If you ready to love you can break down all of the boundaries.

More information by e-mail from: carp@parks.lv

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