Unification News for May 2002

CARP Unification Culture Education Meeting in Korea

On April 19th, a special education for Service for Peace and Unification Culture Movement was held sponsored by CARP at Dowon Building in Seoul, Korea. On this day Ken Bates, Senior Vice-president of World CARP and Akiko Ikeno, SFP Ambassador-at-Large gave a presentation and lecture respectively to about 40 leaders including Kyoungjoon Lee, President of Sunmoon University, professors of Sunmoon University, Yongsoo Sul, President of Segae Ilbo and other company presidents and regional directors.

After the opening prayer by the Kangseo regional director, Kyounghyo Kim, K-CARP President stated in his address that "this session today was prepared to provide a basis for all to understand the vision of HJN … we must understand what HJN’s desire is and now let us all take ownership in our fields and make it a reality!"

This was followed by a presentation by vice-president Ken Bates titled, ‘Presentation to Non-Profit Group Leaders.’ The vice-president stressed the importance of trust saying, "The most important thing is to have a clear vision of what we’re doing … and people must be able to trust that vision." He also emphasized that the culture drives structure by saying, "trust creates a culture that builds trust … and what kind of culture an organization has is important." The vice-president explained the three elements of our unification movement culture as a culture of ‘living for the sake of others’, ‘ownership’ and ‘team work.’ He also encouraged the leaders by saying, "If these 3 elements of culture can be established then we will be able to do greater things … let us all work together."

Ambassador Akiko lectured on ‘Guidelines for Creating Service for Peace Project.’ Ambassador Akiko explained the meaning of SFP saying; "Before we begin SFP activities we must know the heart of HJN who talks about SFP and the wishes of True Parents … SFP shows us the way to become filial sons and daughters to God and True Parents." She continued the lecture giving a detailed explanation on how to create SFP projects and concluded the lecture by presenting the direction of SFP saying; "We need to make many people involved in this movement and we must be able to elevate these service projects to become a ‘service for peace’ project."

After the lectures participants expressed their resolutions saying, "I was deeply impressed about the part on culture driving the structure … and from now on I’ll try to ‘live for the sake of others’."

The presentation given on this day to Korean leaders was done so under the instructions of HJN. It was originally presented at a quarterly meeting with HJN where President Jeonghwan Kwak, President Dongmoon Joo, President Changshik Yang and other leaders of the American community were present.

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