Unification News for May 2002

World CARP in the Cameroon

Matip Likeng Elie

Amazing grace, amazing love, amazing results. It is more than a decade since CARP was legalized as student association in Cameroon. Since then CARP has been functioning mostly in the nation’s capital of Yaounde-Cameroon. But although CARP has been working in the University campuses, it has not succeeded to function as an association within the University milieu despite recurrent attempts.

Our determination never wavered, and we never relented our efforts to keep knocking at the door. This time around, in another University, the lone Anglo-Saxon University whose Vice Rector is a PWPA member, gave us the green light by signing the authorization for CARP to function as a student association in the Campus of University of Buea. To maintain the enthusiasm and momentum, we scheduled and organized an introductory seminar of W-CARP activities on April 20, 2002. It was an occasion to disseminate the knowledge we acquired during the leadership seminar. It focused on the epistemology of W-CARP, that is the Theory of Education of the Unification Thought; CARP membership categorization with duties and obligation, and lastly the importance of SFP based on Living for the Sake of Others as a fundamental transformation on inside out.

Getting students to keep even their own environment clean is a hard nut to crack. Owing the ugly manner in which students litter paper without concern it is a major preoccupation both to the administration and people of good conscience.

When we toured around the University of Yaounde Campus, we realize the story is not different. During our seminar on April 20, 2002, we requested the participants to be part of a service Project on April 27, 2002 at the University of Yaounde Campus, captioned "Operation Zero Paper" And we went ahead to print 70 invitations calling on others students to assist us on this day.

Despite the fact that we have done such services in the previous years, the administration is often reluctant to grant our request. They are still bewildered to see a student association rendering its services gratis contrary to the status quo. We registered 24 participants who were assigned to a building containing 7 tutorial halls. Participants worked to the satisfaction of everyone present, by cleaning the halls, washing the floor to the amazement of others students. It was a good experience for our guests, a real transformation of the heart. At the end, the administration representative requested us to come back in a month’s time.

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