Unification News for May 2002

Character Education Advances in Albania

by Florian Kulla

The university of Elbasan was the second destination of Albanian WorldCARP’s University tour called ‘The Essentials of Character Education.’ We introduced ourselves to the university board and received support from some professors who wanted to help organize of the student’s meeting. Besides providing the necessary facilities for the activity, these professors urged the students to join our lectures, considering them as part of the curricula. The students, who were studying to be future teachers, substituted their ethics classes with our lectures, as they were relevant to what they were being taught.

After this, some students were active in giving their own opinions, about what they heard and how these lectures would apply to their lives. The lecturers provided the students who made questions with responses, and this created a very warm and positive atmosphere. In the meantime, about 115 students filled in the application forms, expressing their willingness to support us and participate and gratitude about the activity and some were interested to know about our center in Elbasan. The activity was made publicly known to all the local community by the news coverage of the two TV stations.

From One Success to Another

Three days later, the tour found itself in Korca, another Albanian university town. The meeting was held in the largest and the most comfortable lecture hall of university which was completely crowded with students. The university rector and those professors who took part in the Professors Conference in Tirana carefully organized everything. For a welcome change, our staff had little to do!

There were about 100 students present, and 15 university professors, but the participation would have been larger if there were more free seats in the room. The university rector stressed the importance of this project in his opening speech. All those who spoke in front of the students placed themselves in the positions of close partners and cooperators with our organizations, showing thus clearly a very positive attitude towards us. They also invited all the 3 local TV stations to cover our activity. These TV stations broadcast in their news reports as coverage of the whole event. We are gathering all these materials to keep them as a public record of our W-CARP activities.

In the end, all the participants expressed their support for the project and the plans for activities in the future. They got our materials and some asked further information about our organization. Success is always possible when professionalism, good organization, and support are lead by heart and true love.

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