Unification News for May 2002

Camp Sunrise 2002

Dear Parents and Students; We are pleased to officially announce the 2002 Camp Sunrise Summer Camp program. We know that this announcement comes quite late and we offer our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Everyone knows how important the summer activities are for our youth and we have an excellent plan to make this a great summer. We are especially happy to introduce a cooperative effort on behalf of the New York and New Jersey regions, led by Rev. Kim and Rev Hong, along with the Second Generation and CARP offices, led by Rev. In Soo Kim and Joshua Cotter, to make camp a reality. Rev. Brian Sabourin, youth pastor for the New Jersey Family Church, will organize and direct Camp Sunrise for 2002. Brian has a great deal of experience and we are truly happy to have him as Camp Director. This year, we are truly committed to unity and cooperation between First and Second Generation to make the best possible program.

Camp Sunrise this year will feature 3 sessions:

High School (entering grades 10-12+) July 5 - 16

Middle School (entering grades 7-9) July 18 - 27

Elementary School (entering grades 4 - 6) July 28 - Aug 3

To make all this happen, we are in need of qualified First and Second Generation staff members. For those of you who can help we are making special arrangements to help defer camp costs for you and your family. If you think you can help, please contact Brian at briansab@aol.com or 973-661-4075. Let's make this the best Camp Sunrise ever!

The organizers of Camp Sunrise 2002 are: Rev. Dong Woo Kim, Director, Region 2; Rev. John Hong, Director, Region 3; Rev. In Soo Kim, Director, Second Generation Office; Joshua Cotter, President, CARP USA.

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