Unification News for May 2002

Bridgeport International Academy News

collected by Chris Breland

Bridgeport International Academy has been extremely busy recently with projects, fundraisers, competitions, and even a presidential visit! Read on to find out more about BIA and our activities these past few months.

Easter Fundraiser

by Nikolus Cook

The student council organized an Easter fundraiser to help raise money for school trips and necessities. On the Friday before Easter Sunday, all of the students participated in wrapping flowers, which were going to be sold over the weekend. The wrapping was quite fun, and we had drinks and snacks afterwards. Even after all the students finished wrapping the flowers into bouquets, most of us volunteered to fundraise as well. We sold at two spots set up in the Bridgeport area. One was a Getty gas station next to a public high school, and the other was in the parking lot for a "Kennedy Fried Chicken." We made about $700 total profit and still had some flowers left, which we gave away to friends and passers by.

Skit Team

by Chris Martinez

A few students from BIA have joined UB World CARP to create our first ever skit team. We were given the task of scripting, practicing, and performing a skit with five days of preparation. Through teamwork and effort on everyone’s part, we were able to make a skit that everyone could enjoy. We performed our first skit at CARP’s family night, which was a big success. Afterwards our skit leader, Tadayoshi Kaneko, arranged a pizza party. We hope to do more skits in the future.

President Bush’s Visit

by Masjo Ward

On Tuesday, April 9th 2002, our school went to see President Bush on his first trip to Bridgeport. As you can imagine, we were very excited to see our president in person. We had a lot of fun making signs to let President Bush know he had our full support. When we arrived at the spot, the place was milling with cops and secret service. A camera crew from NBC took a shot of our posters and a columnist from the Connecticut Post interviewed Chris Breland, a student at BIA. Chris was quoted in the newspaper the following day. We only got a passing glimpse of President Bush, which was a bit disappointing. However, we were all happy and proud to have this opportunity as a school to support our president. We just hope to get the chance to do it again.

BIA at Debate Tournaments

by Chris Breland

The BIA Debate Team has been gaining a lot of experience lately, as well as a few new recruits. On Sunday, April 28th, we participated in a tournament at Yale University with a whole new kind of debate: parliamentary. We took five people with us who had never debated before, and we all had a good experience.

A few weeks previously, we had attended the state debate tournament in New Britain High School on April 13th. We didn’t win any trophies, but we already had our share from the tournament we attended in March at Wilton High School. At that tournament, I won first place in novice Lincoln/Douglass debate, and Masjo Ward won a third place speaker award for extemporaneous debate. We’re very proud of how much we’ve accomplished over the year, and hope to have an even larger team ready for competition next year.

UB Olympics

by Josh Scazzero

Splash, swish, CRACK!! These were the sounds at Wheeler Recreation Center as the University of Bridgeport Olympics got underway. The UB Olympics hosted a teeming variety of events from March 22nd to 24th. Events included everything from soccer and swimming to egg-toss and dodge ball.

BIA was invited to join in on the festivities. The prominent BIA swim team jumped at the chance of some worthy competition. After hours of arduous swimming, the BIA swim team achieved a second place finish in the four-man 100-meter relay! The very talented members of this team were Josh Scazzero, Chris Breland, Abraham Deshotel, and Micah Boyd. Micah also won second place in the 50-meter men’s freestyle. The next day, an award ceremony was held, and we were presented with beautiful UB Olympic silver medals. BIA also participated in volleyball and dodge ball.

Jogging Club

by Theodore Kirkley

BIA has never ceased to defy people’s expectations. In line with this, BIA students decided to set up a club strictly for working out and getting in shape. It has been called the Jogging Club, and it’s all about jogging. Though it is not the most in-depth club BIA has to offer, the meetings we have three times a week give dedicated students time to work out the legs and upper body. The meetings consist of stretching, walking for warm-up, and then jogging, cooling down, and afterwards playing a sport like Ultimate Frisbee, football, or soccer.

In addition to all the activities, the seniors at BIA have been quite busy. They’re applying to top schools all over the nation for their next steps into college education. BIA students have been receiving numerous scholarships and awards, including the Rochester Presidential Scholarship and the Rensselaer Alumni Scholarship. These honors are great news for them and their families. We wish the best of luck for the seniors, and hope that they continue to work hard as the year winds down to a close.

So, thanks for reading, and please don’t forget to look here next time when we post more news about BIA. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact the student council at biastudentcouncil@hotmail.com. Or, contact the school, at biahighschool@hotmail.com, by telephone at (203)334-3434, or through the mailing address: Bridgeport International Academy, 400 Linden Avenue, Bridgeport CT 06604. Thank you very much.

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