Unification News for May 2002

Midwest Clergy Couples Join in Nationwide Satellite Blessing Program

Over one hundred couples braved the freezing rain and sleet on Saturday, April 27th to participate in the 144,000 Clergy Couple Holy Blessing. Local attendees made an emotional display of solidarity with our True Parents at the beautiful Wayman AME Church in Minneapolis linked via satellite with the main ceremony in Washington D.C. Clergy and lay people from many faiths throughout the Twin Cities shared this historic moment with over 144,000 couples.

The event began with luncheon and fellowship. Host pastor Rev. Alphonse Reff warmed and humored the audience with his welcoming remarks. Rev. James Gavin, local co-convener of the A.C.L.C. offered historical perspective to the event as the realization of Jesus' dream and the fruits of His sacrifice. Rev. Eugene Wright offered the invocation and blessing on the meal. Rev. Wright in his characteristic impassioned manner prayed God's Blessing on Rev. and Mrs. Moon, all the participating clergy and our blessed nation.

After lunch, we gathered in the main chapel to view the "We Will Stand" tour video of the historic 52 City Tour of True Parents and the A.C.L.C. Next, couples rededicated and sanctified their marriages through the Holy Wine ceremony. As couples completed their enthusiastic responses to the blessing vows, the program shifted seamlessly to the satellite broadcast of the main event from Washington D.C. Local participants watched attentively the prayers and blessings from the gathered leaders representing the world's major religions.

It was heartwarming to see host pastor Rev. and Mrs. Reff, FFWP Regional Director Rev. and Mrs. Seo and New Apostolic minister, Rev. and Mrs. John Stoebe bless those assembled with Holy Water.

The program was followed by a spirited celebration with music by Rev. Chaplain's band, West Point Palmist. This April 27th event brought to a close a successful two month campaign completed through the sincere devotion of our Korean National Messiahs, and the hard work of Japanese Missionaries and local members. The Minnesota/Dakota region completed and exceeded their goals through outreach to 2,300 clergy couples who participated in the Holy Blessing and Holy Juice ceremony. By the grace and will of God, the leadership and sacrifice of True Parents and the efforts of brothers and sisters from the Father, Mother and elder Son nations, Minnesota and the Dakotas took a giant step closer to the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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